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Friday, October 29, 2004

Fax about Vietnam Traced to Hawaii ... or is it Lubbock?

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Fax: Ref -- Fax number at the top is readable.

You be the judge: Is it 806 or 808

FAX: 808 742 0498: Koloa, HI.

FAX: 806 742 0498 -- Texas Tech, Lubbock, Tx

Interesting that the fax number, if it is 806, goes to a voice-line in Texas -- meaning they have a combined fax-voice line; strange -- anyone confirmed independently with the phone company in Lubbock [or via] that their phone line is both fax and voice compatible? [ie: That the fax-number of the document is bonafide]

Recall, that this number is for a "heritage center" where documents are supposedly stored and retained. Seems strange that a research-archive center would advertise it's phone number to the public that also has fax; the probability of an out-going fax "blocking incoming calls" seems to be high, raising the question: Why advertize the very line which someone inside the building would fax a document out.

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