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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bill O'Reilly allegedly slams the media, including bloggers like Constant

Kind of like accusing someone of talking too loudly about a misdeed.

Bill O'Reilly wasn't just famous in the United States, but worldwide including [at Red arrows] the Caribbean and Thailand.

O'Reilly slammed the media for making him into "an object of scorn from coast to coast" and said his main priority had been to protect his family from the "enormous pain" caused by the Mackris suit.Ref
Well, Bill if you hadn't filed your lawsuit that appeared on the Smoking Gun, your producer might not have countersued.

Thank goodness you did file first, otherwise we wouldn't be such good friends--Thanks for the quote, Bill. You made me famous: "Bill O'Reilly allegedly says dark forces will harm Al Franken". Ref.

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