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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Why are winners acting like losers?

Bush is so far ahead, you'd think the Republicans would simply say, "Hay, we've got this locked in the bag, let's start doing the right thing."

But no. Despite their lead, not only are they still doing what they've always done [not sure about that yet], the Republicans are squawking about stuff that really has nothing to do with anything.

Where's the leadership? On both sides.

The longer this non-sense "leaderless" campaign continues, the longer we'll "have nothing done." Then again, that's not all that bad considering DC generally makes things worse. Look at Iraq.

So inaction isn't a bad thing. But think about the confirmation that's going to have to occur if Kerry wins. Granted, there's no need to "worry about the delay of confiration hearings" if Bush is re-elected. Fine.

So when does the country "get on with business" and start doing things that make sense? Are we waiting until after the election to start the draft so that we can invade Iran?

Bush has had this many years in office to get things right. What he's saying is he wants four more years to continue doing the wrong thing.

OK. So how bad do things have to get in the country before we start having some real solutions, leadership, and compliance with the law?

Now is the time to speak out. Now is the time to get the "we want there to be some consequences for the Patriot Act abuses in re the bogus 9-11 -- bogus-WMD claims" taken care of.

Real consequences on the leadership.

Why are we waiting until after the eletion to bring forth the information about war crimes so Bush can be impeached?

The argument "we have an election" is non-sense -- the dudes in White Whigs [those founding father-pro-slave dudes] who laid the foundation for the Civil War, wanted elections so that people would be accountable...not use "we have elections" as the excuse to do nothing.

So let's hear it. Who's working on the impeachment of Bush; where is the information that justifies the articles of impeachment?

Take a look at the electoral-college map. Get your friends in these states that are pro-Kerry to put more pressure on the media.

Get them to air spots about impeachment.

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