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Thursday, September 16, 2004

WMD: US was in denial about the arguments

All the debate and now the truth comes out.

Where's the apology to Scott Ritter? Or to BBC, Gilligan, or Dr Kelley?

And to those who spoke out against the war?

Are the FBI agents going to "turn over" their interview and surveillance tapes now that we know the FBI is the one that was engaging in criminal activity?

It's all well and good for the FBI to unlawfully detain and harass citizens, but now that the facts are in, where's the accountability on the fascists in DoJ [the Senior Executive Service] for their failure to ensure the constitution was preserved; and allowing surveillance of those who were simply speaking out against the non-sense behind this war?

Again for the SES that is more concerned about it's mortgage that preserving the constitution, there were no WMDs, this war was illegal, and now because of your collective thick=headedness, and inability to stand up to an arrogant fascist in the White House, this country now gets to watch the glorious Civil war in Iraq.

The problem isn't that there could very well be a civil war in Iraq, but that there might be a coup and civil war in the United States after all is said an done. This was the very failure mode which Dunlap outlined in the United States.

This was known, discussed well before 2001 and 9-11, but the SES blew it off, ignored the CIA, and said, "You don't understand." So in we went into Iraq, despite Dunlap's warnings, now we have insufficient reserve forces, and the US military is being made to look stupid.

Hey, faggots in the SES, you understanding this?

Time to wake up, you idiots.