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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Constant issues a rebuke to the White House

When Bush opens his mouth before the teleprompter, he should apologize for the actions of his surrogates and demand that they take down their web site, it is full of lies.

America wants a leader. This 'leader's' campaign is rooted in the past, hollow with pessimism, and preaching to America. Presidents need to move us forward.

America wants integrity. This 'leader's' consistent lying and inability to hold his cabinet accountable for war crimes committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo send a signal to our allies and our enemies that America is not abiding by international law. Presidents need to solve problems.

America wants accountability. This 'leader's' arrogance does little to solve problems, only paint those who dare speak out as enemies of the state. There is no reason this leader should be trusted. Presidents need to have high standards and meet those standards.

America expects a President to follow the law, not lean on a lawyer to get a "get out of jail free" card for overseeing atrocities committed in Guantanamo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Presidents need to ensure our actions inspire the world.

America wants to be inspired. The only reason this 'leader' is a wartime 'leader; is that he lied to get the country into war. Presidents need to fight for the constitution, not failed ideologies.

America wants a steady hand. George Bush is delusional about his self-importance just as Adolf Hitler was. There is no difference: Both have sought to use any method to manipulate their respective constituencies in the name of wars of national 'liberation.' Presidents need to respect our founding principles, not just in word, but in deed.

America wants results. This 'leader' offers grand ideas, but flawed execution, and abysmal results. A president needs to translate ideas into results not excuses.

Americans want a reliable leader. George Bush remains a threat to international peace, stability, and those who are fighting to advance the rule of law and justice. Presidents need to be reminded they are subject to the laws of the land, and that the constitution is a shield against tyrannical White Houses. Presidents must embrace the lessons of the past, and ensure our nation continues to do better than what the British Monarchy did to this land over 200 years ago.

Anyone but Bush for President.