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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Terrorism: The illusion

There is the illusion that the only true catalyst for change is America, and that terrorists can do nothing to shake America.

This is a nice concept. If only it were true.

We need not blame terrorists for these changes.

Rather it is Americans who are passing laws that are unconstitutional, justifying abuses and torture;

It is Americans who are rubber stamping legislation that waters down the constitution and celebrates violence, abuses, and intrusion upon civil liberties;

It is Americans who are unlawfully torturing, and killing people in Guantanamo, Iraq, and Afghanistan

It is Americans who are detaining, imprisoning peole in violation of the US constitutoin;

It is AMericans who are treating the public as "the enemy", targeting innocent people for interrogations, and intruding into their private lives.

The terrorists aren't doing this.

American's are choosing to do what we have long blamed "the terrorists might do."

In other words, using the "future threat of what might happen," the Americans have justified doing this themselves, to themselves, on themselves.

In the name of what?

Not liberty, freedom, or the rule of law. But power.

And it is through the "desire for power" that Americans have been taught "is the reason" we fight terrorism.

Yet it does not really matter "what the terrorists might do," when America is already doing it, to itself, on itself, in the name of fighting what it now embraces.

And no brandishes upon its shield as if its brithright, heraldic symbol, to be paraded before the world as if an icon.

America need not fear terrorism. It has already arrived, and it is America and Americans who are freely choosing to do what terrorism never dreamed possible.