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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The gathering fascism in the United States

Unconstitutional GITMO detentions are a cancer affecting US population

  • US military personnel war crimes

    - Taguba report identifies culture

  • Rumsfeld direction

    - Secure Orders transmitted affective GITMO, Afghanistan, and Iraq

    - White House counsel opines that war crimes are permissible

  • White House well aware of problems in 2002

    - NSC Rice briefed in early spring of 2002

    Demonstreated state-side law enforcement conduct consistent with White House direction

  • Curtailing feedom of speech, association, travel, protest

    - Law enforcement deployed to stifle government opposition

    - Law enforcement boldness in engaging in simlar abuses stateside

  • Government misconcut

    - Unlawful detentions, threats, abuses widespread

    - Innocent, victimes, and informants treated as crimminals

  • Founding documents ignored

    - Clear constitutional provisions ignored

    - Threat of 42 USC 1983 claims ineffectual

  • Ineffectual checks and balances

    - Meaningless consequences for government lawlessness, unresponsiveness

    - White House pushes for consent decrees not court orders; DoJ refuses to prosecute law enforcement unconstitutional conduct

    - Congress admits its staffers and legislators ineffective in oversight