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Thursday, September 16, 2004

US unable to stop protests in Iraq like they did in the NYC

  • Conservatives, the White House is now targeting you as a "liberal"

    Protests against the arrogance. I give up, why is the US violating more Geneva conventions by imposing abuse, humiliation, and egregious conditions on the civilian population?

    this wouldn't have happened if there had been a real debate in the Untied States; but no, we have to rush in, stir up the pot, and then pretend war crimes have not occurred.

    Civilians under US control are not to be subjected to abuse for things they have not done, according to the Geneva conventions. Rumsfeld's memo violates the Geneva Convnention by subjecting prisoners to abuse to "get more information."

  • Unchallenged abuses in Iraq will be a green light to more abuse in the United States

    Why is there no outrage; if the US is not held to account for what has happened in Iraq, what is stopping them from committing the same abuses in the United States? Wait, they already did's called unlawful detention in NYC.

    Eventually, the truth gets out. The Bush administration through its lackeys in DoJ attempted to twist the arms of the protestors in NYC.

    Meanwhile, the real message is loud and clear out of Iraq: American is on the wrong track.

    Again, the White House continues to deny what the world sees as self evident; why must the United States citizenry rely on the efforts of foreigners to get the "leadership" to acknowledge that which is self evident to NYC?

    Rising anger. Disguest with the US corporate media. Denial about reality.

    Indeed, this President and his "circle of friends" wish to find a nice place to hide for the next 2 months, hoping against hope.

    Dream on.