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Friday, September 03, 2004

Labor Day: The tragic deception

Workers are asked to celebrate unions in the fight for workers' rights. Don't be fooled.

Unions only act when it is convenient. The solution to this problem is to hire management that actually manages, not create the illusion of management.

Employees neet to have inputs to bonuses of management.

Managers need to be publicly rated by the employees, and the results widely known.

There also need to be effective leverage on unions and management at reasonable costs born by both union and management, not the public or workers.

The goal is to ensure that workers rights are respected, not simply so there are new classes to rise above the workers.

Workers now have two institutions to watch, with a close third also in question. Union officials, management, and fiduciaries have shown they require great scrutiny; in short, the workers have shown they have to manage the unions, management, and fiduciaries.

Clearly, the workers deserve to be paid commensurate with their responsibilities. There workers cannot work, when they have the responsibility to oversee and manage the management, unions, and fiduciaries.