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Friday, September 03, 2004

Abu Ghraib: Why it matters to America

Abu Ghraib isn't just about lawlessnes. It's about a cover-up.

America needs to wake-up to the misleading statements. Not just to understand the leadership, but to come to grips with the polices and abuses at home.

They have lied overseas about war crimes. They are also lying about domestic abuses.

They provide misleading statements about 'what databases exist' and 'what information is kept in them.

They are lying abroad to protect themselves; and they area also lying to avoid detection of the illegal databases.

Abu Ghraib is a lesson for the world what America is capable of doing. It is also a lesson of how far the government will go to lie.

Americans need to understand the scope of the deception. It is not just abroad, but also at home.