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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Quips and quotes

Will those whispers about abuse echo louder? Overhead. Shhh...we hope these don't really mean anything.
  • Navy Junior Enlisted Club Entrance

    "Personnel with hangovers may not enter. By order of the Captain."

    Scrawled to the side, visible only with a black-light, "moderate intoxication -- no problem."

  • WMD

    Powell: "Proof? Who needs proof. We have photos."

  • Military readiness

    Rumsfeld: "Of course they're ready. They dare not admit otherwise."

    If "in compliance" was the standard reported by the DoD Office of Inspector General, why did so much fail on 9-11?"

    Media: Mr Secretary, how can the "ability to oversee government contracts" be rated high? The prevalance of fraud suggests the auditors didn't catch the failed management.

    Rumsfeld: "We've got a losing war on terror to distrac...uh, fight."

  • DoJ Inspector General

    Special Agent in Charge: "Don't ask us about the standards to evaluate our resonse to an unpredicatable enemey. The standards are solid. The enemy is not.

    It is surprsing that the inspectors have to be coached on the standards.

    How can they evaluate others?

  • HSS Domestic Vote Rigging Committee

    Ashkroft, speaking for HSS: "We expect an excuse to justify tyranny; and we expect the enemy to cooperate with our plan. If the enemy does not appear, we will invent one."