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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

NM Public Access Channel shows corporate boycotts cannot silence truth

How a regular person made a big difference. So can you! Kyle Johnson, Communications Director of Interhemispheric Resource Center, continues to broadcast live on a New Mexcio public access channel, despite failed corporate efforts to silence him through boycotts. Johnson shows that corporate America cannot silence the truth.

After New Mexico's KNFT failed to supprort his cutting edge radio coverage on KNFT's Radio Free Silver, Johson set up his own communicty access show.

Local business owners had threatened to boycott his one hour show. When that failed to persuade the owners to shut Kyle down, a group of businessess includeing banks, car dealerhsip, pizza outlets, and ATV distributors threatened to cancel their entire $10,000 advertising budget from both KNFT's AM and FM outlets.

Undeterred, Kyle is on his own community access channel. He's also the force and energy behing Citizen Avocates for Fiarness and Equality {CAFE], which covers a wide variety of issues.

Kyle mused that Silver City was the Cite of the Salt of the Earth Movie, where towns people stand up to the controlling capitalists. Kyle Johnson shows that anyone can fight back against intimidation and still get the message out.