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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

DoJ: Quid custodiet ipsos custodes

A tale of how far they'll go, even after you say stop. Quid custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • FBI agents had advance warning of 9-11

    They knew something was about to happen, but chose to disregard the information because "the buildings were not supposed to fall down."

    "FBI members have reported that they knew in advance that there were to be attacks in Lower Manhattan, and on the days concerned." from Left Out: A Blog by Chuck Zlatkin Thursday May 27th at 12:27 PM

  • The DoJ cover story does not add up

    FBI claims they were not "sitting on their hands" but actually working to find Bin Ladin. Small problem, Bin Ladin was well within US control, but no effort was made to detain him.

    "There were obstructions of investigations by the FBI and other intelligence agencies. We claimed that we were searching for Osama Bin Laden, that he was criminal number one, and yet we have learned that he stayed in an American hospital in Dubai, was treated by an American surgeon and visited by a member of the CIA." -- froom Left Out:
    A Blog by Chuck Zlatkin
    Thursday May 27th at 12:27 PM

    There is no merit to the argument that the FBI was searching for Bin Ladin. Had he been truly "under surveillance" or "a subject of the FBI investigation" the FBi would have found him.

    The FBI did not find him. Bin Ladin was under US control. This was not a communication problem. The FBI and others were well aware of what was about to transpire on 9-11.

  • FBI uses media as a tool

    The FBI-media love-fest is proven: DoJ has the media's fax number pre-programmed into the fax machine. This isn't oversight by the media, but DoJ simply using the media as a mouth piece for more propoganda.

    Having a fax-machine pre-programmed is evidence that DoJ and the FBi are in regular contact with the media. Why is the media afraid of "losing access" to the entity which provides unreliable information?

  • Redacted quotes indicating government admits it has a weak foundation in suppressing domestic dissent

    "The danger to political dissent is acute where the government attempts to act under so vague a concept as the power to protect "domestic security." Given the difficulty of defining the domestic security interest, the danger of abuse in acting to protect that interest becomes apparent."

    Google citations of this quote from this letter.

  • DoJ conducts secret trials about secret evidence using secret evidence

    Absurdity isn't the word. It's called a violation of civil liberties. This government simply condones repeating the abuses of the British Monarchy.

    Danger of unchecked power in re National Security Letters.

  • DoJ engages in intimidation and abuse to cover-up Misconduct prior to 9-11

    Redacting public memos, Senator statements about DoJ threats to DoJ employees.

  • Suppressed report on DoJ employee misconduct

    FBI agents routinely commit abuses; here's a report showing the spectrum of misconduct that mid-level agents routinely engage, cover-up, and suppress evidence.

    The DoJ office of proffesional responsibility [OPR] routinely does white washes, and the agents provide misleading information, and threaten the public that provides the information through anonymous sources.

  • Senate Judiciary Committee Staff compromised

    Senator Hatch's [Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman] oversight of DoJ is abysmal. DoJ knows they will face no meaningful sanctions or public consequences for misconduct.

    Senate Judiciary Staff has demonstrated they cannot effectively or adequately oversee DoJ. Hatch's staff members on the Senate Judiciary Committee are spending time accessing confidential Democratic Party Memos, not asking probing questions of DoJ.

    The Senate Judiciary Staff cannot be expected to enforce the standards that they themselves are unable to obey: Protecting confidential information; ensuring compliance with procedures; ensuring conduct is beyond reproach.

  • MAOP: The FBI's guide to misconduct

    How to obtain a copy of the FBI manual on procedures -- what they should be doing, but use as a guide-book to ignore.

  • FBI Phony Fax: DoJ has time for parties, but no time to fight crime

    FBI claims it "doesn't have time" to find Bin Ladin, follow-up on the Phoenix Memo, and that its agents are "so busy" conducting investigations huntin down terrorists.

    Don't be fooled. Look at what they do have time to create: A phony fax. The memo is a going away present for another agent--they draft these types of gag gifts to show their appreciation for another's work.

    In truth, the FBI has enough time to put together going away parties. What DoJ and the FBI do not have, is the energy to stand up to reasonable public pressure and oversight.

    Rather than respond to reasonable questions about their consitsent failure to comply with MAOP, FBI agents will harass, threaten, and attempt to intimidate the public into silence. FBI and DoJ personnel have a problem. They failed to act. They have a leadership problem. They were given plenty of advance notices. Despite all that has occurred, there have been no meaningful reforms or sanctions. Rather, DoJ is simply engaging in more abuse and misconduct to divert attention from its own failures and attempting to put the spot light on those who dare speak out.

    DoJ accusations against Scott Ritter didn't make the WMD appear. Netier will DoJ accusations make the war crimes in Iraq go away.

  • CIFA: How DoJ got their hands bloody in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib

    FBI agents were cycled through Guantanamo in the Counter-Intelligence Field Activity [CIFA] program. FBI agents know. There is much pressure to avoid detection. Even the US Solicitor General lied before the Supreme Court when he said we do not commit those kinds of abuses, so there is no need for oversight. Just days later, the photos from Abu Ghraib came out.

    FBI agents are a threat to our constitution and our way of life. They have blood on their hands and will do anything to silence the messenger. They have already killed. They will do it again.