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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Iran: Pre-invasion planning well underway

How far will America go? New York Times reporter David Kirkpatrick confrims existce of secret agenda outlining Bush Administration pre-planning for Iran invasion.

Council for National Policy had hoped to keep agenda about Iran secret. Iran is allegedly developing nuclear weapons, prompting a coordinated US-Israeli operation.

The Council for National Policy is a religious-based organization lobbying for increased Bush Administration pressure on Iran. It remains unclear whether, like the Office of Special Plans, CNP has a sister-office in Irsrael.

Recent FBI investigations into Israeli spying in the Pentagon allege communication between the White House and Israel to coordinate public press releases.

National Security Advisor Rice and Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitze were part of the pre-Iraq invasion media blitz. OSP was the agency which produced the false information used to manipulate Congress into voting for war.

The Council for National Policy hopes to influence national policy. They are a well-known organization inside the White House, yet hope to keep their existence, name, and agenda out of the spotlight.

It remains unclear the role CNP had on the Iraqi coalition provisional authority in shutting down dissenting media outlets and views in Iraq. CNP wants their religious agendas on others, but then claims that Islamic religious agendas must be silenced.

CNP shows the danger of allowing any government to be based on theology.