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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Two Classes: Government Employees and Citizens

Bullies in government. What can be done? The evidence is mounting. We have to classes emerging, two sets of standards, and unequal treatment.

  • Selling vs Ordering: Civilian and military role reversals

    Military personnel are asked to understand; when they cannot be convinced, they are let to wander at night leaderless. We should not wonder why there is a discipline problem in the army.

    At the other end of the spectrum, the civiliann population is not longer asked to participate. Civilians are now ordered, without explanation, to put up with the non-sense. No plausible explanations. No attempts to convince like the military is offered. Flat out arrogance.

    The civilians are now faced with threats to buy-into that which is not supportable. No discussion of real payoffs, no benfeits. Just threats.

  • Warnings: Heads up for some, others simply surprised

    Government personnnel are offered plenty of warning though the rumor mill. Yet, the civilians, out of the blue, are told, without warning "this is the way it is."

    Surprising how little notice the public was given in re the Patriot Act. This document affected the constitution. It had been in work for years.

    Yet a similar plan also "in the work for years" had been leaked to the military. Long before they were affected by the plans to bring home troops from Germany, the troops heard well in advance something was coming.

    Why does the government afford its own employees special notice; while leaving those they have been charged to service in the dark?

  • Private cause for action

    The public has no right to openly sue over Patriot Act abuses; these lawsuits must be sealed. The population has no idea the scope and scale of the other charges being brought against the government.

    Yet, miltiary personnel can sue the government over the stop-loss.

    Why is there a double standard on whether lawsuits can be openly brought against the government?

    We give government employees what we deny citizens.


    1 Indicators

    Government approach to military leadership and discipline problemsGovernment approach to civilians
    Adverse resultsSuicide
    [Cause for alarm]
    Death, torture, abuse [Celebrated]
    Problem elementNCO failures
    [Part of solution]
    Shift problem to complainer
  • Command
  • Non-sense to avoid responsibility
    [Abu Ghraib]
    Any excuse to intrude
  • Persuasion
  • Explaining, selling to troopsThreats to the public
  • Feedback
  • Reminders to inspectors to enforce standards
    Ignore feedback from public that "problem not solved"