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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kerry misses another chance


This outlines a sample website that could be improved and better tailored to assist winning the Election, Ref


Look at this promo.

Notice it's got "all the things Bush is saying", but doesn't get around to the "reality" until page two.

A far more effective presentation would be to have a point-by-point display.

Like this:



Assertion: Bush: “Our strategy is succeeding… Despite ongoing violence in Iraq, that country now has a strong Prime Minister, a national council, and national elections are scheduled in January.” [Bush Remarks, 9/14/04]

Reality: Things are out of control. There's no success. The leadership was imposed. The elections are a sham.

Fact: Reality on the Ground in Iraq �� Regions Of Iraq Are Still Under The Control Of Insurgents. Major Iraqi cities including Ramadi, Fallujah, Samarra, and Bukhara remain under the control of insurgents. Retaking the cities depends on having adequately trained and equipped Iraqi soldiers, which Rumsfeld and Myers admit may not happen until December - one month before Iraq’s scheduled elections. [NBC, “Meet The Press,” 9/12/04; Rumsfeld/Myers New Briefing, 9/7/04]

- Our allies are waking up.

- The war crimes trials are mouthing.

- More memos are being hidden.

- The torture and beating continues.

Our plan is

- This is what we'll do

- This is how we'll pay for it

- This is why it is a better approach than the others are offering

- This is how we'll know we're making progress



Next Issue area: --> Next Bush Comment


and so on...until all the issues that America is concerned about are displayed, and it is clear that someone has a better plan than the crap from the Karl Rove in White House.

[End of Examples]



See how that is?

Stop writing adobe-acrobat pages like you're giving a senate speech.

You want to make these statements hard hitting, fast, so people can quickly pick up on them while they're surfing.

Think about a blog. People skip around.

You guys only have less than 45 days to get your shit together. Make it count.

Quit your bickering; if you don't agree to win this, and stop your bickering, then you don't deserve to win anything.

There are 45 days for you to win this; if you lose, it was yours to lose.


Also, when you're talking about a problem, make sure to point out "what is not working" and "why it needs to get fixed." This crap doesn't make any sense:

Transform the Current Professional Senior Military Education System into a National Security University System. [Why?] The challenge we face today requires the full, coordinated response of the federal government. We must invest in our people, their intellectual capital, their strategic thinking, and their understanding of the national security challenges we face. John Kerry will transform the current professional senior military education system into a national security university system to prepare more people from across the federal government [How?], including more members of the National Guard, to think and act strategically in the security environment of the twenty-first century. [Why is what we have not working; why will "this solution" work? Quit this bullshit generalization crap. This makes no sense.

If you have stupid people in the government, why will sending stupid people to schools that promote stupidity solve the problem? You need to demonstrate that the "new thinking" is going to come into this system, and the "idiots who failed us prior to 9-11" have woken up and are now looking at the world differently, not simply parroting the same bullshit with new organizational symbols.


Also, why aren't deployment expenses already covered; why are military personnel forced to pay their own moving costs? The solution isn't to allow them to take money out of their retirement 'tax free', but to get the government to cover the cost of moving personnel.

This is bullshit:
Penalty-Free Withdrawals from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) for Deployment Expenses. As president, John Kerry will ensure that service members can make penalty-free withdrawals from IRA for expenses associated with deployments.
Fix the government, don't allow the government to get out of doing what they should be doing: Covering the costs to engage in sustained combat operations.


Democrats need to quit ignoring the Republican-complaints. They're giving you valuable feedback on "what's wrong." Start listening to them -- you may not agree, but pay attention and fix the problem.

Your enemy is a valuable mirror. Use it.