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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Fascism in the USA: It continues to creep along


Anti-constitutionalism. What happened to the right to speak out and dissent. Ref.

Police sent into beat up those who dare notice what is going on. Duh. There were not WMDs, so why is DoJ rewarded for "spying on those who speak the truth"?

Private databases outside what is turned over in compliance with Brady-statute. Police take infomation, but don't file it in the incident reports. Yet, use this iformaiton later during subsequent "interviews." Why no records, and why isn't this 'full database" provided to the defendant during a subsequent Brady-review?

"Relax, everything will be just fine." Oh really, what's going to solve the problem?

No answer.

"Trust us." We trusted prior to 9-11. What a joke. Trusted you about WMD. Now there are none.

Why? No reason to believe you morons. They're not ready for elections in January.

How many people do you plan to draft after the November election; and if it were known how many you plan to draft, how many people would vote against the President.

"It's all hypothetical" was the excuse to invade Iraq: "It's hypothetical that they could do something."

It's also hypothetical that there will be a draft, and this country will slide into fascism. Where is the vote against this non-sense?