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Friday, September 24, 2004

Draft: The decision was made in 2001


UK and US Intelligence agreed: Troops inadequate, situation unstable, and objectives at odds with resources. The making of this mess was well before 9-11; they knew then that a draft would be required to sustain a viable post-invasion occupation force. There were many uknowns, and the risks were downplayed in deference to propaganda. This leadership is dangers in that it believes its own propaganda.


  • Lord Hutton: UK and US Intelligence close -- UK papers spoke of problems before the war

    Hutton inquiry found close links. Ref, ref.

    It should be no surprise why Bush is saying, "Nobody imagined." Rice said the same things about planes going inton buildings. Asessments were ingored.

    The undesirable may not be avoidable.

    One does not create results by simply committing to a policy of "winning." It nees to be workable, not simply nice sounding words to justify not challenging that which is otherwise flawed and unsustainable.

    Why does the White House wish Saddam was back in power?

  • Draft: Not if, but when

    In fact, it was well known before the war that existing troops in the US were insufficient to sustain a post-invasion-occupation force. UK intelligence worked closely with American analysts in forming the judgement.

    Yes, Bush knows he has to have a draft, and is lying about Kerry's accusations otherwise. That's why "everything is going great," so that Kerry loses.

    Draft: Time to have the debate now, not after the election; to do so would be to simply repeat the error of Iraq--making the decision to commit, make the error, and then talk about it after the problem is self-evident.

    We know now. The decision to have a draft was made as soon as the decision to launch a war. That was decided prior to 2001, and before 9-11. Talk to O'Neill.

    By choosing in 2001 to remove Saddam, the Administration committed itself to a draft. They knew the existing combat forces were inadequate relative to the long-term requirements. So much for "preserve, protect, and defend" the constitution with a debate.

    Yet, arrogant Americans want more conclusions, not discussion. Iraq isn't cooperating, which is no surprise. Reality often clashes with propaganda.

    These politicians believe their own propaganda. That's why the comparison to Hitler is appropriate. Hitler believed in the mighty Nazi Army, that he invaded Russia. Stalin was surprised because it was so foolish.

    Bush proves to have studied Hitler well. Do foolish things, and the world will assume it is genius.

    Bush has no clothes on. Winter approaches. Hide your children.