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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Those fat men in court are retired officers?

Bailiffs retired officers? Shocked!

No wonder they are jerks. They do get fired when they lie to the FBI, though.

Tell them to keep their mouth shut when the court is speaking; we need not be in court but for the opportunity to hear the court.

Not interesting in the bailiffs excuses to gather intelligence; I am interested in understanding what is behind the words on the slip.

They may be an "officer of the court," but this system of 3-branches is a system of the people, not law enforcement.

It is amazing despite "the people being able to come and go in court," that this post 9-11 era is simply law enforcement excuse to bring street practices into the court room.

Take that bullshit somewhere else. Bailiffs show they need to be second guessed, especially when they forget whose government this is.

The constitution. Written by free people. We are not your pawns. And if needed, we can fight again over this document. God knows you love a good court fight, another reminder over what the law means.

Yet, let us pause. It is surprising that the judicial branch and its officers have to be reminded what is clearly promulgated. So long ago.

Preserve, protect, and defend the constitution. Not your career, nor your profession. But the Constitution. That is first.

If you need another reminder, go read your oath of office. Think about it.

And ask, "Why do we have to remind you again, and again what is there?"

The answer is: You are arrogant; despite your JD and law enforcement "background," you deserve to be closely checked. And you have earned the deserved close scrutiny, from all angles. And within. You have shown that you will eat your own. You have crossed the line on integrity. There will forever be a reasonable basis to question everything asserted; and second guessed.

Two malpractice attorneys: One on call so that the second, when busy with the first problem, can then stand back and monitor the present litigation. What a fabulous waste of effort; but this is what is required to ensure our interests, not yours, are put first. How richly you deserve this special attention.

Congress and the legislatures have shown they are incapable of adequate oversight.

Before 9-11, nothing stopped the Supreme Court and the ABA from going to Congress and saying, "We need effective tools to oversee the other two branches."

That was not done. No special courts [like "drug courts" or "bankruptcy courts"] were set-up that could target DC-related malfeasance in re FAA failure to implement needed changes to respond to audit-findings.

Nor were there calls to have the "prosecutor immunities" waived in situations where prosecutors were using grand juries to intimidate lawful protests against an unresponsive system.

The days of trust have ended. A time for checks and balances is at hand. And this government fails. As does the media.

Legal malpractice claims are fun, especially when counsel under estimates the opponent. We enjoy feigning ignorance. Keep it up.

We must check that which deserves close scrutiny. You're on thin ice, even before entering the skating rink.

You have your standards; follow them. When you can demonstrate that you are following the laws; adhering to your professional oath of office; and meeting your industry standards and ethics, maybe we'll hire you.

You've got alot of work to do. Enron didn't help. Those offshore accounts were not created by nature, but by your brethren. And there have been meaningless consequences for that misconduct.

There needs to be new competition to the ABA. It's not all that hard, but the judicial system shows it is woefully wanting. Willing to cross the line.

This is your problem, that you have not corrected. If we have to "tell you" how to fix your problem, we are no longer "the people," but the leaders; and you are not longer leaders, but followers.

The Magna Carta was once non-existent; as was the US Constitution. New ideas created these documents. Things improved.

Improvement is possible. Meet your own standards. Show. Stop talking. Get results.

You might get hired.

However, there are other options, other locations, other times, and other methods to achieve the ends.

The constitution still exists; and the post 9-11 excuses are getting old. The government failed to fix the problem when it was small.

Now, we see that many are quick to blame the public, when it is the judicial branch, and the failure of checks and balances that remains one of the many entities that have defied reform.

That which refuses to reform does not get a "pass"; rather, you get treated as you are: In need of attention, wanting, and a potentially adverse opponent in litigation.

You've taken advantage of the public's trust -- a trust that has been created by fictions, barriers, and poor oversight. Yet, the many barriers to reform do not vindicate that which deserves to be carefully second-guessed. Doubted. Viewed with higher skepticism.

It is time to awaken from your coma. Yet, despite 9-11, many are back to their old ways. You win points for being stupid.

It is amazing how much "the trusting public" has to know.

It is absurd we have to know your rules, ethics, procedures, and caselaw better than you so that we might effectively supervise litigation and prevail in a malpractice lawsuit. So be it.

Your senior partners are paid quite a bit to effectively manage the firm and oversee the junior partners and associates. Despite that experience, it is enjoyable to know that they are closer to losing their livelihood. Their choice.

They will do much, even commit fraud, to protect that which has been wielded as a sword to the clients throat. Not an ally, an opponent.

You have shown you are a grave threat, unreliable, and bear close and careful scrutiny. Deserving.

It's our case. Not yours. Our money. Not yours. Sound work products. No more of this "I didn't pay attention to that crap in law school." Some did.

And the court asks for motions because it too does not know the law. Please.

Stop treating the people, the public, and the clients like they are your pawns. You are the pawns. We will not longer pretend otherwise. Callous to those who know no other catalyst.

Enjoy the imminent draft. There will be no tears shed when you march into Tehran and die on the battlefield in support of principles no longer practiced at home.