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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

DoJ: The Unlawful tool of the White House to intimidate

Local law enforcement and the FBI engage in a course of conduct to intimidate the public. RICO prevents this. Yet the law enforcement agents continue.

Nazis used war to spread terror; DoJ is using "the wr on terror" as the cloak to hide their absues.

It is wrong that, under the Patriot Act, these abuses cannot be brought publicly in court.

Notice what law enforcement is doing that matches the Nazi's intimidation:

  • Suveillance of demonstrators who are peaceful
  • Abusing Mulsim lawyers, and making deliberate errors with finger prints
  • Prosecutors using grand juries to stifle protestors and interfere with lawful demonstrations
  • Threatening the media if they talk to those advocating unfovorable positions

    The solution is to focus tohe attention on the problem of elected officials failing to oversee this out of control law enforcement.

    There need to be public tools, like Grand Juries-for-the-public to bring charges and indict law enforcement and prosecutors who engage in misconduct.

    Prosecutors should have a lower bar to having their immunity stripped.

    These were the same reasonable demands made of King Charles under the Magna Carta in the 1200s, almost 800 years ago.

    It is a rude reality that despite the American Revlution and Constitution, we must now compel this arrogant Judicial branch, prosecutors, and law enforcement to comply with the Bill of Rights.

    "Public safety" means preserving the constittuion, not creating more excuses to ignore it.