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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Voting: Resignations over FL voter-purge lists -- 2000-abuses continue

What the Supreme Court really did in 2000

part 1; Part 2; Options: Can state systems be reformed?

Florida Vote Purging: Only part of the story

Monitors have arrived. UCCR hears testimony on voting; POCs for you to contact about concerns with voting problems.

There is a new category: Potential felon -- no proof, not evidence, just an allegation. ref More What's up with this?

The state has admitted, however, that there may very well be errors on the list. For example, the Miami Herald reported on July 2 that there are more than 2100 voter names erroneously on the list because they have received clemency and their rights have been restored. Others erroneously on the list may well never have been convicted of a felony at all.

Voters names are being purged. There have been resignations in Florida. ref.

Kerry wants to make sure all the votes are counted. speech He is sending lawyers to find out about the purge lists.

How is your community stacking up? Are you Republican-dogs also purging the names of voters as they have done in Florida? ref

Time for you to talk to your state election officials. Make sure the abuses in Florida are not happening in your state.

Remember, it is a Federal Offense for anyone to interfere with a Fedearl Election.

Even illegal for Secret service agents to intimidate those who are speaking out against illegal government activity.


Nasty, nasty Secret Service for offending the public.

You may be a government employee, but you do not have aboslute immunity.

42 USC 1983 Claims.

Interference with federally protected activities. More Sentencing guidelines. These are things to notice.

Monitoring the Secret Service and FBI for misconduct, abuse, intimdiation.

MAOP: Standards that the FBI agents are rewarded for ignoring. Sample misconduct report showing what the FBI agents do when they feel like they want to harass you.

What FBI agents sometimes wear when they are getting read to hit you.

Is this a fat-stupid FBI agent hoping he will get promoted to SAC, proncouned, "SACK"?

NNPA fighting disenfranchisement by anyone, even bt arrogant FBI agents who want to intimidate people who saw the 9-11 hijakcers outside Pensacola Florida.

Black caucus.