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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Secret Service: Nazism in the ranks -- is the President insane or just a moron?


The Secret Service has crossed the line. They have threatened reporters for daring to talk to protestors. Preventing the reporters from exercising their right to inquiry.

Strange, the arrogant secret service uses the 'right to public inquiry' as the basis to ask intrusive questions; yet when the press engages in such inquiry, suddenly the rules "don't apply" and "the press isn't allowed to do that."

Prior restraint should be opposed.

As should the arrogance of the Secret Service.

"Public safety" and "protection of public officials" is not a tradeoff when compared to the constitution. The ~reason~ the public officials are there is to do the people's business; not so that they can remain immune from lawful oversight.

Why is the secret service threatening reporters who talk to activists? It's because the White House through the went and US Attorney refuse to take action, and actively endorse all action to intimidate public discussion of events.

Post 9-11 is an old excuse. It's been three years. Strange it's the excuse for the government to abuse; why isn't 'we're in the post 90-11 world" the basis for the ~public~ to hold the elected officials and their thugs accountable for violations of the constitution?

Why the double standard? When are we going to start having this government held to the same standard that it holds the population: Riddled with questions, information secretly discussed. This government privately schemes to undermine private citizens rights; why should there be any consequence on the citizenry when it ~publicly~ meets to discuss their outrage at theses abuses.

Who isn't understanding? The idiots in law enforcement who put their own "community" above the constitution.

Who needs to be educated? The idiots in law enforcement, JTTF, CIFA, CIA, and Secret Service who are using this "condition" to stifle public debate about the war in Iraq, about the ineffectual President, about an unresponsive government, about rising stupidity

Where's the legislation that will more swiftly strip law enforcement and prosecutors of their immunities when they engage in, condone, or fail to intervene with these violations of the freedom of the Press?

It is in appropriate that this government use the "exercise of rights" as the basis to detain, question, thwart. This is not better than the misconduct we saw before the British Monarchy.

Is there any wonder why those in Iraq who are detained, abused, threatened with death, and have had their families killed are not somewhat upset at the unconstitutional invasion, occupation of their land? Forget what America "might do" as the speculate excuse to explain away the reality in Iraq. This is a guerrilla war, the US is losing public support, and the US has absolutely no clue what to do other than delay calling up more reserves and starting a draft until after the election.

The time to discuss this is now; not later. The time to review the legacy of abuses and have an accounting is now. No more delays. No more excuses. No more 'we have an election coming up so we can't do anything." Elections are supposed to be times to have accountability not delays; a time for responses not stonewalling.

Yet this government continues to use the 'new conditions' as the excuse to ignore rights. The American Bar Association suddenly woke up 3 years after the detentions in Guantanamo and said, "Gosh, this is bad." Wow, where the hell have you been ABA--smoking more dope with your law enforcement brethren?

They need some meaningful competing associations that will compete with the ABA. They need mechanisms to strip away prosecutor immunity when there is prosecutorial misconduct; and there needs to be a swift method to have a public accounting for the secret data-base information in local law enforcement [not just the FBI I-drive] when there is information that is not handed over in accordance with Brady.

Strange law enforcement has all the time in the world to engage in "public inquiry" as the excuse to "not take a complaint"; but the minute the public wants to exercise their rights ~guaranteed~ under the Constitution...suddenly that "exercise of rights" becomes the basis to detain, question, abuse, threaten, and otherwise interfere with the free flow of ideas.

Why does law enforcement get the "right" to threaten unconstitutionally; and also exercise the "private right of inquiry" that it denies to the public?

Whoa re there US attorneys who are failing to act?

What mechanism is needed to combat the abuses of the prosecutors and law enforcement?

A private right to action under 42 USC 1983 clearly is an insufficient catalyst or threat for the legal community to wake up.

No, more green lights to those who want to abuse.

This government needs to start coming up with solutions. If the public has to continually remind them of their standards and "what to do"and "what we want to have happen" then this government isn't leading, but following; and the public isn't not longer "following" but leading.

If that's what this government wants, it has aptly demonstrated those are the conditions that are required.

The legal community has demonstrated it will cowtow to fascism. King Charles[?] before the Magna Cart was compelled to embrace a finer system. We supposedly went through a news system of reform when we fought for and passed the Declaration of Independence and constitution.

Why is this government reverting back to the pre-Magna Carta days; and how bad does this situation have to get before the abuses are adequately exposed to consequences?