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Monday, September 20, 2004

US Law enforcement: Unofficial databases in violation of Brady?

Yes, because they aren't handing the information over. The local law enforcement does not ensure the "private information" is actually matching the formal complaints provided in the incident reports. They have computers that store and take the personal informatoin, but the incident reports do not have this information.

FBI has their I-drive; the local law enforcement also has their data. The standard under Brady is to provide information; but how can this compliance be checked if the incident reports do not document this informaiton?

It is amazing that they spend so much time asking qeustions for intelligence-gathering, but they don't atually take informatoin when the publc has a report of a crime. That is not right. We have the federal right to make reports, but the police lie to make up stories and excuses to do nothing; and then they keep taking information unrleated to crimes to harrass people later.

Brady requires law enforcement to turn over to defense all information related to a defendant.

Yet, why does law enforcement go out of its way to collect information unrelated to criminal activity?

They regularly rebuff formal complaints by victims and witnesses; but never pass up an opportunity to interrogate those whoe freely come into contact with law enforcement.

What are these databases?

They're the databases that they generally deny existing: Information about your profiate life, associates, where you werk, your nicnames, how you spend your time, answers to intrusive questions:

- Why you spend your time doing what you do
- Your hobbies
- What you are interested in
- Your work
- What you do at work
- The nature of your work
- Your source of income
- Your views on political matters
- How many complaints you've made to the media, government about law enforcement

It's interesting that they spend so much time collecting this information, but what do they do with it? They use it as a bridge to collect more information.

Why do they spend so much time collecting infromation from witneseses and informants? Because these are easy targets; to go after criinal would require ... well, work. And lazy police officers don't want to do that. Neither does the FBI or the faggots in JTTF.

See, they like to torture people, run people around in secret airlines, but when it comes time to actully holding themselves accountable: Suddenly the rules don't apply. RUles apply to everyone but law enforcement.

They have the strange believe that there are two classes: The government-class, and the 'everyone else class".

They have information, but they are not all that bright. MAOP.