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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Medical malpractice: Why are there no consequences?

Doctors arriving in surgury drunk; not knowing how to perform surgeries; video cameras inside the nurses room.

And the legal profession has the arrogance to complain that "conditions are stressful". Give us a break!

Start showing up at work ready to do your job, and maybe we might have some sympathy.

But not this medical community. They cannot self-regulated; and rather than let the courts intervene [where the professional assocations fail], the then turn to the government to demand "assistance."

Here's some help: Quit showing up at surgery drunk; know how to do the surgeries you peroform; get a credible self-regualatory body in place; only conduct surgeries that are needed; and stop rewarding doctors with high fees when they deserve nothing.

If you are going to show up and demand high fees, at least know how to do the job; but if the real job doesn't require a mutli-thousnd dollar doctor to perform [something that a minimal-wage tech could do], then let the low cost approach prevails.

Get rid of the video cameras from the nurses' changing station. Quit showing up to work drunk. And stop your belly aching when the public finds out and refuses to cap your liabiliyt.

You have brought this on yourselves.