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Sunday, September 19, 2004

9-11: President's results well short of requirements

Bush likes to parade himself as the great protector.

Funny, he only moves after the public makes a roucous. He refused attention on the need to regorganize the FBI and get a straight story.

Rather than find out what went wrong within the FBI and fix it, Bush belately reorganized "everything but the very agency that failed."

There's been inadequate funding for first responders.

And the communication bottlenecks are prnouned. Indeed, rather than "really listen," the goernment now treats the witnesses as suspects.

But not to falls shoart, Bush now is confrtonted with the reality that his entire Presidency as the "war president" and "making us safer" is an illusion.

Look at what he's done in the wake of 9-11, and compare it to what the 9-11 commission found was needed.

Bush is wanting for more diversions and excuses. His is a failed Presidency.

America is less secure, and only is safe because the Emperior can silence those who speak out about who's naked.

Naked fighter pilots are still naked.