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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Secret Service threatens reporters with lockout for talking to activists

Secret Service threatened all reporters who talked to the activists with "not being allowed to re-enter" the convention.

Zenger since has been forced out, largely as a result of news articles about such matters.

Basham moving to reform the service, or sipmly dream up new excuses to violate the constitution?

Let's not be surprised why there are abuses: They have an entrenched problem with oversight that continues despite the change in leadership:

A June article in U.S. News and World Report charged that the Secret Service's Office of Inspection and the Inspector General's Office of its parent, the Treasury Department, give "inadequate oversight" in disciplining misconduct. Ref

How much inaccurate information does the Secret Service still have in its databases; how much political information is stored and collected related to lawful prortests against an arrogant President who lies to start unlawful wars?

The reason they don't want to investigate: They don't want to have a reason to find something that might shake their confidence. Hello, Ostriches! In other words, the "confidence" is not based on reality, but in the denial of reality. Ref

Why are Muslims abused-then-apologized-to, but those engaging in lawful protest are threatened?

late June 2001, a uniformed Secret Service officer removed Abdallah Al-Arian, a 20-year-old Muslim intern for Rep. David Bonior (D-Mich.), from a White House meeting on President George W. Bush's faith-based initiatives. During the meeting, the officer approached Al-Arian and asked him to leave White House premises immediately. A media firestorm ensued as Islamic groups issued statements condemning Al-Arian's removal as discrimination against Muslims and demanding apologies from the Bush administration and Secret Service. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer issued an apology from the administration at a press conference.

Where are the apologies in 2004, Secret Service; and why is action being taken to threaten the media if they dare engage in lawful inquire "that the Secret Service engages"?

Connolly stands by the Secret Service's previous apology to Al-Arian. "That incident had nothing to do with an error in the access-control system," he says. "We continue to say that the error was that he should not have been removed." Ref

Why is the Secret SErvice denying the public the right to inquiry, but the secret service engagin in and then abuses their right of inquiry to intimidate the public?

There are viable altneratives to the present state of affairs. The Secret Servcie does not have a monopology. Other entities could be formed to do the job that the Secrete SErvice is unable to do.

What's the plan to put the SEcrete service on Review and find a better "protection service" for the president that both protects the presiden adn preserves the constitution?

Should we be surprised why the US Nuclear labs are unable to adequately protect secrets when there is a "known, but unfixed" problem with contractor securirty? ref>

They can't even get the protection of the President right; why should we be surprised that they've got the nuclear weapons-information-protection problem solved? "Oh, that's all diferent." Baloney: It's called a lapse approach to security that the US Citizens are requried to assent to, but a different standard of 'security" when it comes to actually imposing consequences on those who fail to adequately administer those programs.

leadership means being accountable; and that means abiding by the constitution. not dreaming up new ways to ensure the pigs in the White House are trated "more equally" than the farm animals who do the work.