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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Los Alamos Lab: Why are the same firms that botch security still retained?

Long lists of reports and notes never acted upon. More of the "there is no problem" and "the problem is with those who dare report the misconduct."

Security: They head their head in the sand. PROMIS software at the lap had a trapdoor.

Whistleblowers were fired. Silence the messenger, suppress the bad news, do what you can to deny reliaty. Is the Secret Service taking notes?

Strange all the sudden personnel changes, vacancies, and inability to hire people to fill positions. "Position Vacant" is a strange name for an new employee. Same position, many tasks on the job desription; so who's actually doing this high priority stuff that peopel were saying, "There's no problem," and "we take care of that." I give up: Who's really doing the job now that there are vacancies? How many people were threatened or "asked" to take early retirement?

Strange isn't it that the initial signs of a problem always get explained away; how many reports are required for management to finally admit they made an error in hiring the most worthless, lazy, inept, and ineffectual staff to do the job? Oh, can't have that. surely this pattern isn't isolated; what was their prior record of performance; if the "ratings" were so good, how can tehse be justified given the "nature of the work" really had no outside review or analysis? How many of the "favorable ratings" were issued not on the basis for performance, but the management was afraid of a lawsuit for speaking the truth about someone who might otherwise claim they were "not being treated fairly." The fair way to treat people these days is to promote them, give them more responsibility, and then ensure that the scope of teh disaster that they are involved in actually relates to something relevant: Oh, like nuclear secrets and national security.

Briliant, so what kind of background checks are they doing; what kind of rebuffing of "indicators of problems" is the FBI rebuffing, not forwarding to the prosecurtors; and how is this information not being forwarded as required under Brady when people who are bringin lawsuits against the government are seeking to obtain all evidcen releveant to the case.

That's right: The government is a chopt shope. They have all their idiots running around, flaliug around, those who actually dare speak out about the msiconduct pto ensure procedureds are foolowed...the get rmarooded, manwhile the greater disatser continues to unfold. "Don't worry about it" was the monicre...not going to bother with that... Now all of a sudden there are how many peole runnign around looking for a scapegoat now that secret informatoin ismising? Oh, brllian! So excelelnyt.

more of the "oh, you're wasting time" or "there is no problem" or "we have no problem" or "those guys were actually doing their job." How many more people haev to be fired. Better yet, how many people who are actually runnign the stho whould we promot to even higher levels of responsiblity so that their scope of misocduct, abuse, incompetencye, and wilfull failure of security procedures results in an even larger disaster that is even less capable of being covered up?

So who really had access to the critical information on "what was going on" and who the key players were in Los Alamos?

The labs had contracted with Ultrak vendors to build a new computerized fire-protection system that experts say would give the contractor sensitive data about process details and the location of important data and materials. ref

All this hoopla about a "new era" and "new excuses to ignore the constitution." It's also a time for more poele to turn a blind eye to the common problems in the security sytsem.

Zenger and Ultrak are linked.

So why on earth is everyone asking in 2004 "what is going on"? The answer is: A well known problem wasn't fixed when it was small, and it mushroomed.

Still having more problems with nuke-secrets in NM.

This was known long ago. And the players involved are right around the President.

Why is the country sitting so fat dumba and happy when there are people like this around the President who can't do their job?