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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why does a candidate have to waste his time talking about voting?

You would think that 140 years after the civil war, that the right to vote would be protected.

This country fought a revolution over representation.

Why does this country have to be reminded about "following the rules."

John Kerry is right. We need to make sure every vote counts.

But it is absurd that this country dares preach to the world about "democracy" and "liberity" when we cannot ensure that right is protected at home.

It says much about America when it, despite the clear statutes, has to remind the world that "yes, we're going to make an effort to count the vote."

That does not inspire confidence in America. The solution isn't to "keep quiet."

The solution is to talk louder until these arrogant idiots get off their butt and fix the problem.

The "solution" isn't to have more meeting; the "solution" is to make those who are paid to fix this problem actually fix it.

US citizens need not be lectured to with meaningless clap-trap of, "Tell us what to do." If the citizens have to "tell the government" what to do, then the government is no longer leading -- it is acting like a follower.

At that juncture, it is clear "those in government" should leave as they have to be told, they are not leading, and the "followers" are the ones who are having to waste their time managing that which should otherwise be self-governing.

Followers are not paid enough to both check the government, and at the same time "tell the government what it should be doing". But, in this day and age, despite the clear constitution, this government has to be reminded to "count the votes."

It should not be surprising why we have to also remind this arrogant government, "Do not commit war crimes."