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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

DoJs 8 Steps to intimidate a civilian population


  • Step 1: Get someone to make an accusation

    In 2000, he was deported from Israel after the authorities there claimed he had donated money to Hamas

  • Step 2: Get target to forget government has burden of proof

    " . . . allegations that he vehemently denied."

  • Step 3: Ignore the denials

  • Step 4: Assert a relationship that has not been proven

    because of his "known associations ..."

  • Step 5: Align the target with an unfavoarable image, based only on belief

    ". . . and financial support to organisations believed to be aiding terrorism

  • Step 6: Add the name to the watch list on the basis of innuendo

    "A spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security said Mr Islam was on the "watch list"

  • Step 7: Ignore the President's statement that intelligence is "just guessing"

    Officials said intelligence reports suggested he had given money to Hamas.

  • Step 8: Deport