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Friday, September 24, 2004

Privacy protection act

Looks like there need to be some reforms in Tort law and statute to dissuade government officials from violating the constitution. More

What new excuse will they come up with next to both violate the constitution and then create barriers to impose consequences doing the abuse?

They've already use the 9-11 and Iraq excuses without adequate challenge. And law enforcement lies all the time. so who is to believe we should trust law enforcement when they are face meaningless sanctions, but are actively rewarded for abuses.

Their reward is the lack of consequences and no injunctions against constitutional violations.

The fact that we have a constitution and a rekcless law enforcement rewarded for lying should be sufficeitn basis to believe the law enforcement will likely commit future abuses.

Let's have some meanginful santions on individuals for violating the constitution. This governmental immunity bullshit is simply that: Bullshit.

Don't bother believing law enforcment in the United States. They are not your firends, they will lie, and there is not reason to trust them. Ever.