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Friday, September 24, 2004

House passes bill prohibiting Judicial review

Judicial review restricted in re pledge of allegiance.

Too bad Congress didn't have a prior statute in place "preventing judicial review of the inadequate FAA and DoD audits."

Translation: There was nothing stopping the courts from reviewing the ineffectual responses from the FAA and DoD.

So, Mr Supreme Court Justice, what's your fat-ass excuse for inaction this time? Nothing prevented you from going to Congress and saying, "Congress and the Executive have their had up their ass."

Why expect someone with their head up their ass to point out a problem with the other two branches that the Judicial branch is supposed to be checking?

Yo, Scalia-butt-head: The idea that this nation has "separation of powers" doesn't mean that the branches are "never to check eachother."

Separation of powers was to prevent there from being a single tyranny. Today's hands off approach with "non-interference" simply creates three branches that are three tyrannies, [or is that tyr-on-your-knees?].

Checks and balances failed prior to 9-11, thanks to the failure of the Judicial Branch to check both Congress and the Executive.

Mind you this failure was assisted by the same ABA that took three years to get off their rear-end in re Guantanamo. Here's the lesson: Don't trust the judicial branch to check the other two branches of government.

Yet, it is the judicial branch that likes to lecture to the public to "stop wasting their time" when reasonable questions arise to the integrity, malfeasance, and ineffectualness of the Judicial Branch.

Judicial Branch is simply feeding off the same cess pool. What fails in the legislature and executive should not be expected to magically improve even before the Court.