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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

RNC: Your guide to helping Bush lose the Election

Some thoughts on what could be done to defeat the President. Will they pan out and is there enough time? Summary

The rules of this game: You enter the maze. Your objective: Ensure Bush loses the election.


  • One contestant disguises himself to enter the maze. Disruptions planned to evaluate responses.

  • Contestant carried away.

    Enter Cohen's Maze

    HSS at the center of the security assistance.

    What is known Video Surveillance; [ archived version: Archive of surveillance site.] Warning on the FBI surveillance of Text messages. Cameras by street; wireless video. JTTF domestic spy-planes and helicopters, and UAV.


    Taru is little understood; but they appear to have surveillance vans which tend to move slow enough for a messenger bike to shadow.

    Finding the Cheese: The Guests, the Media, and the message

    Scouting the area. Hotels housing the 17-22,000 people. The roof is an interesting place to have a picnic. Making your maps to weave your way through the maze.

    How Spiderman did it. Ideas: How others have done it. ANother look at how the scouts work. Press coverage of the building-spiders.

    Ideas: Highway posters and art for the Hotels Guests' pleasure

    How to make: Cardboard, and other tips.

    Freeway blogger

    Ideas on highway posters; other posters for the highways. Small signs work wonders. Placement strategies.

    I-Box; who really ignored the UN? Pentagon coffins aren't forgotten in this performance art; Troops lied to. Dean would agree.

    Advice for your radio-call-ins.

    Chinese water torture approch to bringing down corruption.

    Nothing is foolproof. More discussion on how they plan to get onto the floor for live-TV disruptions.

    Historical comparisons

    NYC Maps in 2004; Crude maps won the war against tyranny.

    What kind of maps will they make of the RNC convention? Historical map detail. NYC maps.

    In 2004, you might get a papercut.

    Bush supporters switch sides

    The worst case situation is when conservative-Bush-supporters are abused by the police because their innocent behavior is mistaken for something evil. Then it will beging to sink in: There are fascists trying to manipulate the right wing conservatives to "put up with more non-sense."

    Compare maps to bogus AlQueda maps

    These maps are available anywhere. Not AlQueda, but US citizens planning to exercise their rights. There's a big difference.

    Domestic surveillance

    Now that you've looked at the websites, let's look at which government agencies have been tracking you on the web. Here's the full Alphabetical listing.

    How you enjoy living in a fascist country with high surveillance little tolerance for independent thinking/action to question that which deserves no support or belief?


    Secret Service investigating posting of RNC hotel locations. "Not welcome in New York" is a well-used phrase.

    FBI denies interviews:

    FBI Assistant Director Cassandra Chandler insisted the government was not interviewing protesters, and that nobody was questioned or monitored "unless we receive intelligence that such individuals or groups may be planning violent and disruptive criminal activity or have knowledge of such activity." Ref

    How do they explain the interviews of people prior to the RNC? No answer on that. ACLU speaks out against the intimidation.