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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dissent: Criminalization of dissent in America -- the wave of arrogant government action continues to undermine this constitution

There is a cost to not listening. People lose their jobs and their lives. Divergent views are the source of prudent policy. We saw the fruits of "not having all views expressed" in re WMD: The "real story" was suppressed, and the other views that might have put the brakes on an unlawful war were stifled.

This nation benefits from debate. We avoid group think; and ensure the full spectrum of risks and options are reviewed. The problem this leadership has is when it "knows all the answers" then embarks on an unsustainable policy; indeed, rather than accept the consequences of that failed policy and admit it has failed, this Bush-Adminiistration and DoJ leaves the public with the consequences of that failed policy: Higher taxes, greater intrusions, and more non-sense to justify arrogance and abuse. In short, the goverment is using the reasonable public response and concern with an imprudent policy to justify greater abuses, misconduct, and imprudence.

Democracy and Republican forms of governmentn can only survive when debates allow the free flow of ideas. Again, when the scales are tilted to pre-determined conclusions, we saw that the WMD-decision would "justify" the VP putting pressure on the CIA to arrive at the pre-determined outcome.

This nation has a problem when it's leadership is allowed to intimdate other valid views into silence; and then launch on pre-determined policies at great cost, both financially, and in terms of international support.