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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

CIA: All Nine (9) Republican Senators on Committee want CIA shut down

Will the cess pool arise from the fire, or descend into more chaos?

The drama is by design. Only nine? Actually, it's all nine of the Senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee who want to shut down CIA. CIA certainly has lost friends in the Senate.

The committee was especially furious at the CIA over the agency's redactions of the Committee's report into WMD. Full statement here. Be careful how far you push the line; if you cross it, the Senators might redraw it right across your foot.

Remember, it was the CIA and DoJ which escaped reform in the new Homeland Security Bill. It was outragous that so much was modified, but the very entities that most blundered escaped reform. CIA had their chance to get things right following 9-11; looks like Dick Cheny's pressure and OSP really hoped to find CIA as the scapegoat over WMD.

This is what happens when a bureaucracy beleives it is immune to reform. No tears here for the arrogant.