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Monday, August 23, 2004

Law enforcement: You can kiss my ass

This nation was founded on the idea of a constitutuion. People came forward during the Revlutionary War to assert themselves against the tyranny in Britain.

Today, the same struggle continues against the arrogant law enforcement. You have clear standards that you are willing to ignore.

One might have once though you were an ally; it is clear you are a threat to our constitution. The days of being trusting have ended.

I am less likely to ever believe you. How quickly you are willing to admit that you lie all the time; commit perjury in court; and abuse those who dare speak out against your arrogance.

As you are called up to service overseas and face the prospect of harm, there are no tears shed for your losses.

You lacked compassion at home, and will get none in return as you "sacrifice" for principles you undermine at home.