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Monday, August 23, 2004

DoJ: The clueless FBI

Why are they so stupid?

DoJ caught racketeering. Or is it just a rant by someone hoping for a miracle? Don't count on OPR to do anything.

They leave DoJ and reappear in local government. The revolving door in the public justice system. They improperly use their position, power, and authority.

But not to stop there. Then the private threat of lawsuit started. Threats to sue to keep silent about material information about his:

  • false statements,
  • running an unauthorized outside law practice from his U.S. attorney's office and
  • engaging in other improper conduct.

    Why isn't FBI using the information they have in their files to warn the locals of the stench that is floating around local government? If you want to debate the FBI's merits, save it for Quantico. In the real world, the FBI requires close oversight for them to get the job done.

    It's too bad that outside OPR visits are ineffectual; and that the "distraction" of 9-11 is allowing OPR to not focus on the real misconduct within DoJ.