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Monday, August 23, 2004

United States: Why are they on edge?

High Risk US Business Climate

Buyer beware. The United States is very afraid because there is much that it doesn't understand. It knows fraud, arrogance, abuse, and misconduct; but can't handle it when this reality is shoved in its face.

Government fell down, and they look for excsues

The responsibility for this "public relations problem" lies with law enforcement, not the public. If the public has to "tell law enforcement what to do," law enforcement is not needed. You went to higher education to lead, not so that you are simply paid to ignore the valid outside concerns.

Law enforcement has really shot their own foot. They prove time and time again that they cannot take direct information; yet, go to extraordinary lengths to gather information through deception. Keep it up. The very citizenry you asked to support you are less likely to care when you are facing problems.

There is no reason to believe one can trust law enforcement when they go out of their way to be so abusive; yet when they have a real problem, they simply look for someone to blame. You have simply created this mess for yourselves. And you're not getting any tears here.