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Monday, August 23, 2004

US Government modernization: Excuses for inaction

American democracy and government is not something the Iraqis should aspire to emulate.

America needs to remedy and reform the flawed systems at home before it embarks on adventures to impose flawed systems abroad. The first sign of a good idea is the size of the barrier, stonewalling, and the ridiculousness of the reasons.

The United States spent all those years fighting communism and secrecy. Now the government is using "disclosure" as the "evidence" that secrecy is required. The suppression of information isn't just a roadblock, but an active intrusion.

They whine the enemy is using our transparency against us -- Actually, our own government is using secrecy against us. Here's one organization that is suing for more disclsure; and unconvering secrecy to hide reasons for detentions [Habeous Corpus] Hope they get a result before the local police turn into CIA agents.

Secrecy: Ensures no solutions--What's the real basis for the government official performance reviews?

Not sure why government is upset about disclosure; it's the way problems are fixed. Indeed, they get alot of money in their annual bonuses. Or are we saying that they get alot of money to ensure that things aren't done? Yet, if you call your state auditor don't count on them looking into the fraud, waste, and abuse. Not in America. They need a real disaster like Enron to figure out what is on their nose. Americans are not all that bright--alot of money paid on education and the results are abysmal.

Secrecy and local government

Mind you we have yet to hear a good explanation how the "greater secrecy" is consistent with the local city government requirement to facilitate communication. Local municipalities want to do it in the dark. Can't rely on local media to flesh things out; and then when the "big media boys show up," they defer back to the same clueless local media. "If we havne't heard about it, it must not be news." Indeed, they are morons.

The above arguments are simply "more of what should be the basis to dismantle" that which is ineffectual. They're fighting over rice bowls, not freedom; and they're putting their own budgeting objectives before that of the constitution.

We need disclosure to check this government. Using "the enemy may exploit the openness" does nothing to inspire confidence in the open-America concept.

If you want to live in a place that puts a premium on secrecy than the constitution, there's nothing stopping you from taking your friends in the FBI, CIA, and moving to Iraq. If you want a motivational comment, read a fortune cookie.