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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

DoJ: Unable to stop civil lawsuit against officers

Standards without accountability are illusions. Yet, it is curious that the lawless and undisciplined lecture and berate those who state the obvious.

The American criminal justice system is deeply flawed. It causes more problems than it solves. The one tool the poublic has is a civil complaint against officers ang government officials. Civil lawsuit continues against High School

"Civil lawsuits alleging students' constitutional rights were violated still remain" Law firm has yet to release a formal statement on DoJ ruling. Ponvert is handling the case, a fine choice. Antonio practice area covers some fine points on what's inappropriate police conduct. Can't argue an officer is "doing their job" when they use the threat of force against those who have the reasonable expectation of privacy, security, and the freedom to go about their business.

The burden of proof rests with the government; the public does not have to explain themselves when they are in a "high traffic area." If "access and proxmity" are factors that raise the suspcion level, then the government needs to allow the public to monitor officers who have access to drug contraband. "Oh, we can't allow that." Why the double standard? No answer.

Ref They're basically saying the War on Drugs takes precendence over the Constitution.

Plenty of resignations. If "nothing bad happened" why so many guilty about what the let happen? No answer.

What's stopping others in DoJ from speaking out against fascism under Ashkroft? Not the courts. Ashkrof, you're a fascist!

DoJ refuses to interven when there are guns drawn

Simple verbal threats of "We're sending you to Guantanamo" or "we'll cuff you and detain you" are surly going to face meaningless sanctions.

Police officers swear an oath that says they will not use intimidation against the innocent public. DoJ whitewashes police arrogance and says, "Hey, no problem."

This is OK. DoJ says Welcome back to school! And gives a green light to more ROTC supervisory roles in drug raids on campus.

Comments on the ABC article and Joi's blog. Flashback to Instapundit's comments saying the lawsuits should go forward to ensure there are consequences.