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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

DoJ creating a false impression of rallies in NYC to intimidate the public

False impressions. What else is an illusion? The real threats to society are DoJ

They're continuing to use the same tactics from George Orwell's 1984 to exploit the situation.

Media have been given false stories

As if a Phoenix out of the smoldering flames, DoJ would have the public believe that radicals from the 1970s have returned. Actually, the real radicals are those inside DoJ who have been given a green light to use COINTELPRO tactics in public.

There is no reason for the government to hide its abuse when the population has been conditioned to accept the current state of affairs as "needed". Let's hope someone sees through DoJ's illusions just as the Senate Intelligence Committee saw through the CIA's fabrications and shuts down DoJ permanently.

Real orchestration is the government, not the protestors

If there were truly kidnapping and bombing plans in place, the DoJ would have already taken these people off the streets. They have not.

Rather, DoJ and NYC under the former CIA-operations director have orchstrated the ruse that over 56 people will have 24-hour monitoring. From a force of over 56,000, such a plan seems possible.

However, why would they "monitor" those that they "knew" were up to no good? The answer is: There is no monitoring; and there is no knowledge of anything specific.

Recall the ruse of "We have over 10,000 AlQueda under surveillance." Such is folly to bleieve. The FBI cannot monitor a simple office of 10 people. To believe that despite 9-11 DOJ would let "AlQueda run around" would expose DoJ to too much risk.

In reality, there are no 10,000 AlQueda running around; and there is no plan to monitor anyone 24-hours. It would be far easier to round these people up, and have a public trial using real evidence. Yet, DoJ and the NYC have no evidence; merely the accusation that "someone might engage in unlawful activities" in the future. That is not a basis for a reasonable search, detention, surveillance; rather it's merely more non-sense to "justify" that which is otherwise constitutional.

The objective is to intimidate the public and dissuade them from doing what they would otherwise do

DoJ and NYC would have the public believe that the 1970s radicals have conveniently been relased from prison at the very time of the RNC. Again, this is absurd.

And to further create the illusion of "evilness," NYC and DOJ state that the aging 1970s activitsts are not likely to take action but orchestrating the activites. Wait a minute: IF there truly "was any orchestration of unlawful activity," this would be the basis to detain them and bring this evidence forth in a public trial.

Again, we have no evidence; and only the "accusation of possible future action" as the basis for increased surveillance.

Let us recall the absuse of the British Monarchy Prior to the American Revolution. It was the uncontrained use of power, intrusion, and harassment of the Colonists that precipitated the Revolution; there was no effort to drive out the British on it's own. Rather, it was the abusive government practices that was the catalyst for indepdencence, revolution, and war.

Today's activists are no different. They simply desire to speak out against the fascism and abusive government practices. Rather than listen or embrace the concerns as a reasonable foundation from which to dialog and discuss, the Bush Administration, DoJ and NYC have taken the opposite position: That more abuses are needed to silence the messenger so that the public is not aware of the misconduct.

The prudent course of public policy is to fix what is broken. This government would rather hide the evidence of that wrongdoing; and redefine the policy so that "no evidence can be discussed". This is not a solution, but a cover-up.

56 activites under surveillance? Don't bet on it. It's a ruse; but the government propoaganda is simply designed to intimidate. There are still over 300 Million who are not being watched. It is time to speak out while you still have the freedom to do so.