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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Demonization of opposition to justify abuses

The trick is to impersonalize those who dare speak out against unlawful policies. By calling the dissendents "anarchists" simply misses the point: They're expressing a view, and dissatisfaction with what, in their view, is not working.

It is not the anarachists who speak of bombing, but the DoJ-planted stories in the media. We have yet to have a full understanding of the sources of this information. We saw prior to the war in Iraq how a few kew opinion leaders like Judith Miller were given special-access to incorrect information. The same continues today.

The march will be on 26 Augst from Columbs Circle to Union Square. Life after capitalism brings attention to the failings of the global economy; and hopes to find solutions. Look to the abuses in the US financial markets, and the failings of the Securities and Exchange Commission as one sign of the scope of abuse which continue to be exploited.