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Thursday, April 12, 2007

E-Mail Inventory Deadline: 3 May -- Inputs to Waxman

Ref Your e-mail inventories are due.

In light of the failure of the primary archiving systems to meet their legal requirements under the statute, Congressman Waxman is required to request all indirect personnel not necessarily related with the RNC to retain all White House and DOJ staff-related communications.

You are expected to include in your commentary and information you believe may shed light on the war crimes issues.

Samples follow.

In your summaries include lists of questions that you believe should be asked; or lines of inquiry that you may believe might be helpful for others to consider. These questions might be lists of interrogatories during cross examination; or lists of documents that you believe Members of Congress would be asking for, review, or should have access to.

If you do have information about statutes that are applicable to the areas that you are interested in, or have information showing the relationship between your concern or question and the statutes that would be welcome.

* * *

Samples: How This Fits Together

You'll get an idea what this blog is about.

Each sample (listed below) connects with the Helix and Constellation; and traces to entities, firms, intermediaries, contracts, and pesonnel associated with the draft war crimes indictments.

Note the link to the NARUS STA System and the NSA intermediaries indirectly connected with the White House IT department and commercial entities.

Sample FOIA, interrogatory Ref Rendition in re scheduling, use of NSA illegally capture information, and interaction with contractors allegedly complicit with war crimes

Sample FOIA, interrogatory Ref Abraxas: Firm allegedly placing CIA personnel used to implement war crimes, FISA violations, prisoner abuse, and unlawful kidnapping in violation of laws of war.

Sample budget trace Ref See Item 2

Sample equipment trace Ref Identifying links beteween equipment use, origin, funding, and contractors and intermediaries indiretly linked with the alleged lllegal use of equipment to the White House-connected entities. [Note the pay stations which were identified and linked to NSA and Columbus DFAS.]

Sample trace between alleged war-related entity; and e-mail/instant message identifying information. Ref For war crimes prosecutors.

Sample suggestion: Ref See Item 6 for cross reference between a commercial entity and staff agency currently under investigation. Others will know to watch for these documents and issues as they review the DoJ internal operations and contracting issues. [ Details ]

Sample Non-official instant message analysis Ref [NSA]

Sample Work station analysis to assist forensics: here [Rove]

Sample Work station analysis showing President Gonzalez lying about FISA compliance Ref Confirmation Assigned Personnel not meeting legal requirements. [DoJ not fully using all staff counsel for warrant processing]

Sample Website archive analysis based on visits from that work station Ref [ NRLA ]

Sample Discovery plan for intermediaries, outside counsel, and indirect communication systems between RNC, White House, and outside counsel Ref [Sidley Austin]

Sample Sweep of White House internal and external communications Ref [White House, Sampson, Sidley Austin]

* * *

E-mail Request

Congressman Waxman requests, and you will comply with the following:

preserve all e-mails received from White House officials who used ',' ',' ',' or other nongovernmental e-mail accounts. The Committee also asks you to preserve any e-mails sent to White House officials at anv of these accounts."

provide the Committee with an inventory of any e-mail communications in the agency's possession or control that meet the description in the preceding paragraph. This inventory should include the name and e-mail address of the sender, the name and e-mail address of the recipient, the date of the e-mail, and a brief description of the subject of the e-mail. This inventory should be provided to the Committee by May 3,2007."

* * *

The problem is larger than e-mails. What Congress will be asking for next are the larger communication systems and networks other than e-mails.

This link shows you what forensics experts are going to ask for. This means the following:

A. If you have any details from your files, data, or private captures related to bookmarks, URLs, or anything else which may assist investigators, prosecutors, and war crimes adjudicators understand intent;

B. If you have data showing you was physically assigned to a specific computer work station, that would be helpful

C. If ou have seating charts showing which computers were using which search engines. Not well known, Google has a desktop feature which caches e-mails. There are other options which other search engines do as well which may be of interest.

D. If you have time cards showing which personnel are assigned to which work stations, those computer numbers can be cross referenced with names; personnel entry times to the buildings; and understand other systems they may be using outside official channels.

The goal isn't to simply capture e-mails, but to identify the likely other sources of information, communication, and methods of interaction that have remained hidden.

* * *

It will be helpful if you identify any expertise in the e-mail sender or receiver who has communicated with the RNC; and identify their expertise in document retention. Congress will have the information to determine whehtr the White House, RNC, and others did or did not appropriately rely on professional expertise associated with these outside entities to implement the correct document retention procedures.

* * *

As standby, we need to have ready a subsequent submittal. To meet this requirement, the appropriate response will also include a matrix of all identifying data for that workstation; and any other identifying information about the computer system including browser type, screen size, and details which may assist forensics experts in identifying which specific communications systems were used.

IN your response include a relationship diagram showing:

A. The depth, frequency, and volume of the e-mails

B. Nodes of communications;

C. Sites of back-up locations where the White House staff, outside counsel, and DOJ personnel are known to interact with each other outside direct observation;

D. The sign-in names of the White House, DoJ, and NSA personnel using the instant messaging systems;

E. Copies of the clusters where indirect entities, contractors, and outside counsel have been confirmed to discuss these issues while the primary communications, e-mails, and issues were being discussed using instant messages or other data transmission systems.

* * *

TO Assist Congress and WAR Crimes Prosecutors I expect to see the following:

1. Information which will comply with this detailed requirement, listed here and here;

2. Copies of all public, private, and other information which will shed light on which entities have been involved with illegal activity while assigned to NSA, White House, DOJ, or any other uS government facility

3. Evidence that personnel were not engaged in official duties while using government resources

4. Evidence that DOJ, White House, or NSA staff counsel were coordinating with other individuals, entities, and intermediaries using non-official e-mails and instant messaging systems

5. Copies of the common data transmission times; indicators that data packages from one location were commonly sent to common individuals associated with the RNC, DOJ< White House, or NSA

6. Confirmed locations where personnel from the White House, DoJ, NSA, or other Executive Branch personnel were meeting to exchange e-mails, data, and other things without using e-mails or instant messaging

7. Names of all staff counsel assigned to these entities, and the date that they were entered into their state bar.

8. Seating charts inside the White House, DoJ, NSA

9. Updated cell phone lists cross indexed with e-mail and other contact information

10. Records of meeting minutes, budget documents, signed policy memos, or other presentation materials where DOJ Staff were assigned; visiting; or conducting business related to the RNC while on official duty hours.

11. Ciopes of all identifying information, communications, travel reports, budgets, and travel vouchers related to the transfer of funds from the RNC counsel, and their relationship with outside lobbyists; and copies of the tickets or payment stubs which may or may not be filed with the travel reports.