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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Voters Looking For New Leaders

The open discussion among voters: "Who are we going to vote for?"

They don't care about issues. They want leaders. They don't see any.

* * *

There are two broad strands in this confluence: Additional information warranting impeachment; but more evidence that there is a leadership problem in both the DNC and GOP.

As we learn more, the question is going to get louder: Where are the leaders? They're there, they don't have a reason to show their cards.

This problem is one for the GOP in March 2007 to confront: Will they or will they not exercise leadership and ask the President and Vice President to step aside.

It doesn't matter what the GOP does or doesn't do: It's only going to get worse for the GOP. But the question is still there: Where are the leaders? I'd like to know as well.

Members of Congress and the Senior Executive Service have watched this meltdown over the last six years. They had options. They refused to act. Time to get these Members of Congress to face the music: Where were they?

* * *

The US Attorney firing emails is only part of the puzzle. There are other issues. There's no reason untrained civilians with no education have to rise to the occasion and conduct oversight of the American Bar Association, Congress, and US government.

But, sadly, that's what's happened. The leadership is the GOP and American Legal Community has failed. This happened on their watch. The Judicial Branch, with its legal expertise, has rolled over, failed to mobilize the legal community, and had to be publicly embarrassed over the US Attorney firings.

The people driving this illegal conduct out of the White House are not stupid. They’re criminals. They're highly trained, professional attorneys with many years of higher education, and are subject to disbarment and prosecution for their complicity with war crimes and illegal activity.

Despite the law and their knowledge of the criminal justice system, the American legal community has collectively put itself above the law and defied its oath. Domestic enemies have for the last six years have been given the reigns of power, abused it, and the GOP and American legal community have been AWOL.

* * *

It's March 2007. We're 20 months from the November 2008. There's more information to surface not just with the US Attorneys, but rendition, NSA, FISA violations, US DOJ Staff misconduct, and the widening abuse of power which contractors helped implement to violate the laws of war around the globe.

It's going to take alot of work and time. The GOP leadership needs to immediately sit down with their membership, explain the problems, and formulate a plan. The GOP leadership refuses to come clean with its membership. It doesn't matter why, but they are irrelevant as a credible basis for organization and legal compliance.

* * *

As has come into fashion, it will be We the People who will do the job this President, Vice President, GOP, legal community, and Members of Congress have refused to do: Provide leadership, protect the Constitution, and ensure this does not happen again.

We've demonstrated that we're up to the task. ON sheer numbers alone we can run circles around them. Using marginal insight and rudimentary skills called thinking, We the People have well demonstrated we are well equipped to share ideas, notice what is happening, offer solutions, and implement a plan.

The GOP refuses to do this. They have no basis to claim they are fit for more power in 2008.

* * *

As we learn more, it's not an issue where the leaders might be in 2008. The only question is: What are the leaders who are in power now going to do. They have a job. They were given the power they have to protect the Constitution. Either they can clean up this mess, or grand juries can expand their inquiry and target Members of Congress for 5 USC 3331 violations -- reckless violation of the oath of office to protect the Constitution.

This American leadership-crew has failed.

Some suggest the "woman on the street" isn't up to the job. Sure she is. She's got nothing to lose. All she has to do is ask one simple question: What is going on?

The responsibility for the answers will be on the contractors, Congressional Staff, and the Executive Branch employees.

It doesn't take much for anyone to conduct oversight. The issue is whether the Members of Congress are going to ask the simple question. That's all it takes.

* * *

If you have ideas or think things could be better, by all means: Share your ideas. You don't have to have a policy or a position. You have to simply have the desire to speak your mind and remember one thing: The Constitution.

It's the job of the contactors and legal firms to explain why you should listen to them.

Leaders make people justify a reason. It has to be lawful, and it has to be consistent with the Constitution.

Leaders listen to their lawyers, and they are willing to challenge their lawyers when it looks like the lawyers haven't a clue what they're talking about. The job of a lawyer isn't to find a way to break the law, but to help you find a lawful way to solve problems.

Lawyers aren't gods. They rely on one thing: Logic or lack of logic. Put the burden on them. Make them show you the full case law citation. Their profession is not just on probation it’s quickly becoming the central question: What happened to the American legal community leadership? They have no answers.

We the People can find new leadership for the American legal community. New people. Outside their profession. They lost the right and authority to claim they are self-governing.

We the People are self-governing. We shall not be forced to assent to this arrogant abuse of power the American legal community has been complicit. We only need to say one thing: Where is the plan of the American legal community to clean up their mess and prevent this form ever happening again?

The leaders will ask once. Then throw their plan back at them with the simple response: "You need to reconsider your oath of office, and US Constitution."

Our Constitution was trashed. These lawyers let it happen. Don't let them forget it. They betrayed their oath and are the domestic enemies of the Constitution.

We the People, not this government or this legal community, shall continue to be the final checks on power to protect this document.

This government and this legal community shall rue the day they ever though they world get away with this. The leaders have failed. we the People are prepared, and well positioned to provide the leadership this government has illegally deprived the states and We the People.

Want to know where the leaders are? Look in the mirror. There you are. Go lead. You have my full support. We'll do what is required to lawfully help. All you have to do is ask. That's all you had to do.

Go, lead, and preserve this Constitution. We've got a job to do. Good luck. We're with you.