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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Impeachment: American Employees Openly Discussing With Customers Benefits of Removing Bush and Cheney

Impeachment Is Talk of the Town, Much to GOP Horror

The US Attorney e-mail revelations are sending shock waves around the country. It's officially safe to openly talk about removing the President.

It's not unusual for employees and professionals to offer unsolicited to customers and clients their unwavering, well articulated conclusion that removing the President and Vice President would be the best thing for the country.

It's not looked at as an option or a debate. It's a requirement.

Please encourage your Members of Congress to reconsider their opposition to impeachment and removal. The people and employees at all levels are not afraid of the GOP.

* * *

It's not raised as a possibility, but what would be best for the country: Lawfully removing the President and Vice President no later than late spring 2007. This is unwinding quickly.

Quite sea change in the last two weeks and sure to leave the GOP with (another) bad feeling in their stomach: Impeachment is openly getting discussed, not debated, at work. If you happen to enter employee break rooms, over hear employees talking with customers you'll hear it. It's not a whisper.

People have moved out of the shock phase and whispers, and are openly volunteering their impressions that the best things for the country would be for Bush and Cheney to get fired.

The US Attorney scandal and impeachment are linked in the mind of the public. Employees feel safe enough to openly share their empathic conclusion that Bush and Cheney need to get fired: Impeached, convicted, and removed from office.

* * *

The GOP has a problem. They have more than 18 months until the election. Just a few weeks into the US Attorney scandal, and the public has more than woken up: They know they can openly share their conclusions, express their views, and confidently state their positions to total strangers.

Corporate officers, employees, professionals aren't shy about it. Gone are the whispers. The GOP has lost its power to intimidate Americans to be quiet about impeachment. It's not seen as an act of desperation by one party. The public is openly talking about impeachment as a needed solution now to help the country move on.

* * *

This is a problem the GOP senators can solve by being honest with themselves. We the People are not afraid, are openly discussion the legal options.

These are not idle things that the Senate might be able to get around to. The real discussions are reminding the GOP that they have a job to do. They may have lost the election, but they still have a responsibility to lead their party. They're not doing this. The GOP can't expect to limp along hour by hour in March 2007 hoping they survive until November 2008.

If the GOP Senate doesn't confront their President, then between now and the Summer of 2007, not 2008, there will be serious discussions in prosecuting Members of Congress for violations of their oath of office. We the People aren't required to wait until an election.

The e-mails linking the White House with the US Attorney scandal are only part of the picture. The other sections emerging are the e-mails from Members of Congress into the DOJ and White House counsel's office.

Members of Congress have known, but failed to act. They've been part of illegal efforts to circumvent the Constitution and illegally appointing US Attorneys without the constitutionally required Senate confirmation.

* * *

What You Can Do

1. Let your friends know that they don't need to be bashful about impeachment. It's not a political issue: It's a national agenda item and necessary solution.

2. Remind the GOP leadership that they are in charge of the GOP. They need to lead, and outline their plan to prevent this abuse from happening again.

3. Inform your GOP members of Congress that if they refuse to push for impeachment, or refuse to convict-remove the President, they could be prosecuted if they are implicated for having assented to Constitutional violations. We don't have to wait until November 2008. Prosecutions can start this summer as the evidence rolls in showing GOP Senator Complicity.

5. Let the DNC leadership know that the public is openly talking about impeachment not as a discussion or possibility, but as a needed requirement and milestone. Bush and Cheney in the republic's mind are the problem. The sooner they are removed with an impeachment, the sooner America can wade through this mess, find out what happened, then clean it up. This President and Vice President are the problem.