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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rove Internet Surfing Outside Federal Government

The Rove computer and those in EOP have been linked with a non-Federal contract, and offsite location.

The intent of the cloaking appears to be to hide the contract from all Federal Oversight, not just Congress. They did not anticipate that the state-level entities would fatally disclose information the President would have us believe is protected, or classified.

It is publicly known, has been fatally disclosed, and has not been protected.

Ref: Recommended.

Ref Greg Palast in re website information linked with RNC e-mails.

Ref House-Senate Judiciary concerned they've heard nothing from Fielding; definitino of "internal" inadequately ignores commercial databases linked with RNC.

* * *

Members of Congress and interested media are encouraged to expand your inquiry and discovery. Rather than focusing on the White House-RNC e-mail connection, please encourage your staff to watch for the following indicators:

A. Non-commercial sites affiliated with the states;

B. Internet surfing times matching outside counsel;

C. Use of computers and information processing systems which are not paid for by the US government, RNC, or any federal-level entity.

The contract vehicles, funding, and state-level support has been traced indirectly to the Republican Party, and also counsel provide litigation services to the DoJ Staff counsel indirectly working for the President. Entities aware of and actively discussion this known using the once-thought-secure system are well placed in the financial services and telecommunications industries, and have an ongoing concern of the connection with specific PO Boxes in the DC area used to forward campaign finances for the Republican Party.

The firms and entities aware of and using this communication systems are not isolated to the EOP or Republican party, but also linked with significant high profile litigation issues related to the NSA, FISA, rendition, prisoner abuse, and specific individuals known to have been abused outside the United States, but under US control.

* * *


EOP computers have been traced with outside counsel to non-White House communications lines under contracts not directly supported by the White House, RNC, or any federal entity.

The cloaking mechanism appears to be a method to hide the online surfing habits; and avoid Congressional oversight of the internet access and surfing time which Rove and others in the legal, political, and RNC-staff support areas.

Moving outward, the nexus of the communication appears to encompass significant e-mail traffic in and out of contractors, banking institutions, and law firms.

Also tied within this communication hub are the outside counsel and the DOJ Staff linked directly to the US Attorney firings.


Based on information and belief it appears the RNC, GOP leadership, outside financial institutions, and various commercial entities linked with the Nulls, intermediaries, and prisoner transfers have been using this communication system to organize more than benign tasks.

It is our believe that the outside, non-federal contract transmits data, orders, and other directives directly and indirectly from the President related to war crimes evidence in re prisoner abuse.

Also linked with this communications system are the contract support communications required to administer, put into effect, and manage existing contracts designed to monitor media messaging.

The contracts supporting these communications appear to be attached to DoD and NSA communications systems and the Central Security Service.

One of the objectives of the communications was to provide feedback from open source monitoring. However, the monitoring appears to have stripped out some, but not all, as required, identifying information, but they were doing data mining on targets unconnected with any criminal activity, national security, or a bonafide law enforcement target.

The communications systems appear to be portrayed as being defense or national security related. However, the contactors that appear to be involved appear to have created contracts that permit an open, discretionary, and discreet access by entities which, on the surface, appear to be related to the NSA, but are primarily designed to channel information in and out of the classified interception areas, but using the information for non-legitimate purposes.

* * *

We judge the following:

A. NSA contractors linked with Central Security Service have classified contracts which are illegal; and these illegal contracts are not for lawful purposes; but designed to create the impression of national security0related.

B. The auditors and Members of Congress may or may not know about the classified contracts.

C. Members of Congress appear to have not timely reviewed with counsel their Title 50 and Title 28 exception report requirements and are in legal jeopardy.

* * *

The existence of these contracts appears to have been confirmed, in part, through fatal admissions and failures to deny by outside legal counsel affiliated with the Telecom Industry. We judge the discretionary approach Gonzalez and DOJ Staff took with NSLs has relevant to the types of internal controls boards of directors on the NSA contractors should have reviewed, but did not. These raise issues of Securities and Exchange Commission Violations.

It remains to be understood which SEC-related attorneys and investigators related to these internal control reviews have or have not been targeted, dissuaded, or misled on the adequacy of SAS 99 compliance reporting. We judge auditors have failed to ad3euately test the internal controls permitting this non-authorized data. Further, the scope of the DOJ IG findings in re NSL violations indicates there is substantial evidence which the auditors have failed to detect which they should have detected related to inadequate internal controls to manage the NSLs, as required, but DoJ Staff have ignored.

* * *


1. Media relations contracts affiliated with the primary NSA contractors and telecoms need to be scrubbed. Those which have classified clauses; or permit NSA intermediaries, contractors, and other NSAL-related operations need to be reviewed. You’ll want to look for the certifications made in re FISA: and identify which specific sources of information the outside contractors are using.

2. Look for the common outside data junctions at the state level, outside the Federal government contracting system, where DOJ, EOP, and outside counsel have been confirmed to have jointly interacted. These overlap times are not by chance, nor passing ships in the night, but can be traced with common junctions within minutes of each other. There is no doubt that outside communications hubs exist.

3. Explore the data analysis which GOP and RNC leadership have been using. Although some may suggest there are politically sensitive, RNC leadership appears amicable to taking the broad view: These are serious issues which the US government, not the RNC, needs to oversee. You'll want to have a heart to heart talk with them about where they are really getting their data analysis for political planning; and why there are non-disclosure clauses related to the NSA, NSL, and the media analysis contracts. These contract numbers are not isolated, but cross multiple agencies; some of them have program orders and contract line items which are not bonafidely classified; and appear to have been delegated through small business in the Department of Justice.

4. DoJ Small business needs to be brought into the nexus. It appear their internal controls for transcript services have been compromised, and DoJ and NSA IG need to review the means by which these DOJ small business related firms are getting information; how their transcripts are certified; and the method by which the data in the transcripts are certified as being accurate. Audit scope needs to be increased.

5. These issues related to Brady. Indeed, there appears to be a problem with the private communications which RNC and the GOP leadership are using. However, more broadly, the issue isn’t' isolated to whether the current White House Staff counsel have a problem, but the reverse: How many convictions have been secured using data which was not lawfully intercepted; and to what extent can the US government absorb the required reviews of the convictions. We judge the number of convictions that may be overturned based on this illegally captured data to not be benign nor insubstantial. DoJ IG, GAO, and DOJ OPR needs to be guided with the NSA IG and Central Security Service to have a no-kidding assessment of how much data was illegally used; and give an estimate of the time required to scope this problem and report their assessments to Congress.

* * *


The above information does not allege with any precision or specificity that Rove has or has not been implicated in any war crimes related information, crimes, or Geneva violations. However, it is our believe that the reason for Goodling’s concern has little to do with what she knows, but more with the scope of the legal issues attached to what she appears to have not removed herself.

The outside communication hubs, internal NSA contracts, and the state-level entities are only a part of the GOP and law office communication systems to interface on financial, technical, and other media relations data.

US government officials working with state and local officials appear to have unlawfully classified federal and state level contractors for purposes of supporting, facilitation, and using illegally captured data for non national security related purposes. Brady issues appear to be attached with the contract classes which are not adequately regulated, overseen, or properly audited under Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.

The Attorney General, GOP leadership, Members of Congress, outside counsel, and specific Telecom firms appear to be well connected through multiple contract vehicles which have not been lawfully classified; and these contracts do not appear to be serving the intended purposes that some members of Congress have been led to believe.

It remains to be understood:

___ To what extent outside counsel familiar with the White House and US Government data retention requirements have failed to inject industry best standards, requirements, and legal obligations to their reviews and memoranda to the White House

___ Which state-level entities outside counsel, DOJ staff, and EOP personnel have been given substantial political support by way of promises to have inadequate audit scope because of their cooperating with this communications support

___ How long the state level entities have known about the communications hubs which EOP, Outside counsel, and DOJ Staff have been using to interface, transmit data, and conduct official policy

___ To what extent commercial firms linked with central security service have been using these communication systems on the assumption that they would not be detected, yet those security systems have been compromised by foreign intelligence

___ Which specific data sent through these state-level entities was used to gather illegal information used to punish, abuse, and engage in war crimes planning, support, and other abuses under the Laws of War.

* * *

We judge Goodling, US Attorneys, and the EOP well know, as do outside counsel, that the information they have related to alleged war crimes and prisoner abuse is most likely linked with the outside communications system which Members of Congress do not appear, in all cases, to have a legitimate excuse to not have examined earlier, asked questions, or probed into as they had a duty.

The Same US Attorneys who were supposed to be the repository of adverse information about DOJ and White House counsel appear to have been targeted for retaliation. The objective appears to have been a smokescreen to hide the extent DOJ and White House counsel have not complied with their reporting requirements under the Attorney Standards of conduct via the DC Bar, DOJ OPR, or the requirements well promulgated in DOJ through the Executive Office of US Attorneys.

We no longer have confidence in the security of any communications related to the White House. Personnel are advised to review their data transmission policies, methods of providing classified information to the Joint Staff, and develop alternate methods of communication. Until this security issue is understood, we judge all NSA, central security service communications related to these outside entities, and providing what appears to be illegal coordination for war crimes, to have been fully compromised.

This appears to be a major information security failure which the NSA, GOP leadership, and Joint Intelligence Committee need to immediately outline a public plan to review. The details of the mitigation plan will obviously be classified. However, the public needs to see some leadership from the GOP that there is some understanding of their security issue; and that they understand they are facing some serious investigations that have nothing to do with politics but with one thing: Ensuring the President's lawful, classified communications to his staff are secure; and that the enemies of the United States Constitution are swiftly brought to justice.

If those enemies reside with the GOP leadership, at the State or Federal level, or are related to the outside entities which use the NSA intermediaries, those entitles may presume their communications have been compromised; and all contract vehicles related to these illegal activities known, compromised, and stored outside the United States. You may presume that if needed, evidence of war crimes which as been captured will be provided should the Joint Staff, NSA, and GOP leadership pretend that the evidence does not exist.

This data shall remain secure, whether it is under GOP, NSA, DoJ, or other entity control. If destroyed, backup information may or may not be provided in obvious manners at a time and place which are not necessarily conducive to the legal interests of those who had a legal duty to ensure these internal control problems and illegal activities were not exploited.

There is no statute of limitations. The open source information continues to tilt away from the President. The GOP leadership has a problem: These computers, outside entities, and the communication lines have been detected, are known, and remain under surveillance using methods the NSA cannot detect.