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Monday, March 26, 2007

President's Surrender Terms Rejected

Ref Response to Fred F. Fielding.

Ref House-Senate Judiciary concerned they've heard nothing from Fielding; definitino of "internal" inadequately ignores commercial databases linked with RNC.

* * *


The President's surrender terms are not acceptable. Try again.

1. The illegal US Attorney firings have been improperly characterized as voluntarily resignations. This is absurd. The US Attorneys were threatened with personal retaliation, forced to endure untold emotional harm, and subjected to vague threats to their personal reputations.

2. You are disingenuous in your interest to accommodate Congress.

3. There is no "Presidency". There is a President.

4. The President does not have prerogatives to engage in obstruction of justice, or retaliate against US Attorneys.

5. If you were serious about being "appreciative" of anyone's time, you would not waste it as you are doing.

6. Assertions the President is "committed" to "ensure" anything are meaningless. We need something signed. This President refuses to honor his oath of office.

7. It is irrelevant how many pages you have provided. The issue is whether your staff counsel will provide truthful statements under oath. They refuse.

8. The documents clearly established your office was instrumental in illegally firing, retaliating, and engaging in illegal activity including war crimes. Counsel formerly assigned have not ad3euately explained their complicity with Geneva violations.

9. The information you provided has generated more questions not answers. The decision the President made to fire the US Attorneys is troubling.

10. IT doesn't matter what Congress is getting to review. The issue is whether the Congress will have accurate information.

11. The President is leading an illegal rebellion. The Constitution comes before his office. The Separation of Powers does not allow the President to violate the law.

12. Your efforts show you are not making reasonable efforts to accommodate fact finding. You are not being reasonable. You are apparently defying your attorney standards of conduct and delaying.

13. What future Presidents will have to endure is up to the future President. This President need only focus on what is known today: His illegal activity.

14. The Constitution must be protected. No president can defy the law. It is illegal to retaliate. Responsibilities must be responsibly discharged.

15. This President is in no position to negotiate through you. You are unwilling to accommodate reasonable demands. You are not allowed to agree to anything short that unconditional surrender.

16. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.

17. You are in no position to dictate terms. Your staff counsel continue an illegal rebellion. You are not showing you are serious about your oath of office. You disrespect your peers in the legal profession. You are not being reasonable.

18. Firing a US Attorney to retaliate against them for their refusal to cooperate with illegal activity is a crime.

19. You have no power authority to state how Congress shall examine their witnesses. These witnesses are nor yours.

20. Congress shall fully assert their oath to examine witnesses who have information about domestic enemies on the White House counsel's staff. Your e-mails indicate you do not understand this.

21. You have provided no information indicating why your assertion of what is or is nto relevant should be taken seriously. Your time window is arbitrary.

22. White House counsel was involved with AG discussions on these firings. There is no transcript. Allowing more discussions without a transcript will not work.

23. The House and Senate are distinct, separate chambers. the President has no power to compel the House and Senate to do anything or cooperate. The President points to no rule or requirement that the House and Senate agree to anything.

24. There shall be open discussions under penalty of perjury. Congressional witnesses shall be sworn by oath. These are not interviews. This is open testimony with a record. Refusing to cooperate is grounds for the States to disbar offending, non-cooperating counsel.

25. Committee Staff are not being interviewed. Congressional witnesses are individually to appear. They are public. The oath is required. A transcript shall be kep. Subpoenas have been authorised. Subsequent testimony may be taken as Congress decides or as the Speaker chooses during an impeachment.

26. Witnesses are free to provide Members of Congress evidence with assistance of counsel. The Counsel to the President shall not be permitted to interfere with any examination of witnesses.

27. Your office has no basis to suggest what Congress may need. The US Attorney firings are illegal. What Congress may demand and compel is not within the White House's control. All documents related to this issue shall be provided without condition. Refusing to provide this disclosed material is serious.

28. Your surrender terms are not satisfactory and do not meet the interests of the Constitution, the rule of law, or evidence gathering required to impeach this President for war crimes. Counsel should voluntarily surrender and appear before their attorney disciplinary board immediately for disbarment.

29. Surrender now, or wish you had. This illegal rebellion against the rule of law and Constitution is an illegal insurrection. DoJ, White House, and GOP Staff counsel linked with this illegal activity could face serious consequences for interfering with war crimes prosecutors. There is enough open evidence to show the President and Gonzalez have violated the laws of war and committed grave breaches of Geneva. Staff counsel have been complicit with these war crimes.

30. If counsel is unwilling to speak for the President, the President is free to speak for himself at the impeachment and war crimes tribunal. State prosecutors may lawfully prosecute a sitting President, Vice President, and Staff counsel complicit with war crimes planning.

31. Admit your defeat and accomplish the GOP and legal counsel CLE related to negotiations and surrender terms. This is not a very good start.