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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is America Hungry Enough For Real Leadership and Solutions?

House Iraq Plan: Let the President Veto It

If the President vetoes the bill, he gets nothing: No money.

The burden will be his to explain. If the President blocks something, he can't blame the opposition. Leaders will find a solution, not make excuses.

* * *

After the 2006 election, the House leadership is the most powerful groups. The House can debate anything the refuses to debate; and it can, in effect, block the Senate and President from doing anything.

Unless the House leadership approves, the President gets not money.

The threat of a Presidential veto is meaningless.

___ If the President does not agree to a bill that gives him money, where does the President propose to get the money? He has no answer.

The House leadership may include in any bill the criteria related to the Iraq pullout. If the President does not agree -- the House may impose these criteria at any time. The President has no power to reject the criteria the House uses to make or not make a funding decision.

* * *

Please ask you friends to call their friends, and support the DNC plan. It may not be perfect, but it forces the President to take responsibility: He will either accept the plan as it is; or the House can impose the plan through funding cuts.

The President’s threat of "not approving" something is meaningless. He has no power to make the House do anything. The Senate is powerless to force the House to comply with anything in the Senate.

* * *

The threat of a backlash is meaningless. If the threatened DNC cut of funding was "a problem," then the GOP would encourage the DNC to do that. Yet, the GOP opposes something that would supposedly be bad for the DNC.

The error is for the GOP to explain:

___ Why is the GOP talking about what might be "bad" for the DNC, but not exploiting this problem, and forcing the DNC to "endure" what the GOP "imposes"?

____ Why is the GOP not supporting the very thing that would "cause" a very bad "backlash" for the DNC?

___ How does the GOP justify confidence in its assertion that the DNC action will be "bad"; yet the GOP action is not supporting this "bad" thing to exploit it to the benefit of the GOP?

The threatened "backlash" against the DNC is an illusion. Let the President veto the bill, and let the President explain why he does not support the troops; then force him to explain how he plans to continue what the House does not support.

The Senate has no power to make the House pass anything. If there is no agreement, the President gets nothing.

This is a problem of the GOP: They have delayed this bill with the veto threat.

Time to turn the tables and make the President and GOP accept: Unless they make the House leadership happy, the President will get nothing. The 2006 election put the House leadership in the most powerful position; the GOP, President, and Senate are less important.

Time for the DNC to use their power, not wait until "the next election". The GOP wants power to abuse it; the DNC wants power so they can "avoid using it." same result: A failure of checks and balances.

The way forward is to list the problems, then outlines the needed reforms in the Constitution. The puzzling issue: How can a modern industrial society that supposedly can solve problems to bring food to your table, not have the means to identify a problem with governance and solve that problem.

If you make people hungry enough they'll demand a solution to food shortages. How hungry do Americans need to be for real leadership and solutions?

If you want leadership you're going to have to ask for it. Otherwise, you’re going to get more of the same non-sense. Real changes are needed to the institutions of power. The current system lets Congress get away with not checking the President; does nothing about the President’s illegal activity; and the courts take a "see no evil hear no evil" approach. This is absurd.

The stales are promised an enforcement mechanism. There are solutions. The issue is whether Americans needs to ask for them; or have them rammed down its throat.

How bad do you want a solution? Americans are hungry for leadership. They doesn’t appear to be enough. Nothing like a few more disasters, and more, "You should've listened," and "I told you so."

All you have to do is ask for what you want. You might be pleasantly surprised. Be willing to accept, "No" for an answer, and ask for something else. America may have to find its own way, or it might ask the right question when America is willing to listen.