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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gonzalez Lied Under Oath; Military Officers Forced To Resign Like US Attorneys

GOP Blocked US Attorneys Prosecuting Attacks on GOP Offices

Gonzalez lied under oath to hide President's war crimes.

Evidence related to war crimes, obstruction, unlawful retaliation, and illegal Geneva violations attach to President, Attorney General, and White House counsel's office.

There is another problem. The US Attorneys were supposedly fired because they didn't do something. Yet, the GOP cannot explain why they did not put pressure on US Attorneys to prosecute those who attacked the GOP campaign offices.

Evidence suggests the GOP attacked their offices, hoped to blame the DNC, and dissuaded US Attorneys from prosecuting the real culprits behind the 2004 attacks on the GOP offices.

Ref: Someone has the details on the JAGs. Want to know more? Click the link, send her an e-mail, and maybe she'll spill the beans. Then again, maybe she'll reveal the evidence to war crimes prosecutors and help bring down the President with a war crimes indictment showing he attempted to thwart investigators looking into his war crimes. She is unstoppable and has full support of We the People: Over 300 Million against the Godless heathens in the Republican Party.

Ref Any explanation for the strange JAG attacks on Guantanamo defense counsel, and why Stimson's recklessness appears to have been repeated?

* * *

Things are getting a little sticky for the President. Senate Judiciary has developed evidence Gonzalez lied under oath, and the objective of the firings was to interfere with ongoing, classified investigations.

The Attorney General also obstructed inquiry into unlawful Presidential retaliation against American Military Officers. Senior DoD officials were attempting to comply with the Geneva Conventions, but the President did not agree the laws of war were important.

The US Attorneys were not the only ones who were targeted. DoD Flag Officers were fired when the President questioned their commitment to continue with illegal war crimes and other unlawful Presidential direction.

The White House Counsel's office is implicated in this illegal warfare, and Geneva violations. GOP Members of Congress who actively coordinated with the White House Counsel's office are complicit with illegal war crimes planning and have violated 5 USC 3331. Gonzalez perjury raises serious questions about the American legal community's ability to effectively self-govern.

The President actively fired US Military Commanders who were aware of illegal war crimes planning on the eve of the Iraq invasion. It remains to be understood when Congress plans to review their evidence. German War Crimes secured their cooperation in bringing indictments against the US government officials.

* * *

War Crimes Discovery Into Gonzalez Lying to Congress Under Oath

____ Which war crimes did Gonzalez know about, but attempt to dissuade US Attorneys from prosecuting?

___ How many Flag Officers were fired because they dared to speak out about this President's [a] Geneva violations; and [b] efforts to blame those who refused to take the blame for the President's illegal activity?

____ How much evidence did Gonzalez learn US Attorneys had implicating Gonzalez and White House counsel for war crimes?

____ How did the President and Gonzalez get access to classified NSA information related to ongoing investigations into war crimes?

___ Why was NSA information gleaned from confidential files used to fire prosecutors who were concerned about the President's war crimes?

____ Once the White House counsel knew that Gonzalez had lied under oath, why wasn't there a timely report to the DOJ OPR and Texas State Bar of his illegal activity?

____ Does Gonzalez have a reason for lying in hiding his knowledge of war crimes, prisoner abuse, and illegal use of NSA information to support kidnapping, war cimes, and other grave breaches of Geneva?

___ Despite the RNC having legal counsel that well know the laws of war, did Gonzalez chose to lie under oath to hide the President's illegal orders to abuse prisoners and obstruct investigations into war crimes committed by Staff Counsel?

___ How many war crimes, prisoner abuses, and illegal kidnappings was Gonzalez hoping to avoid questions about?

___ Did Gonzalez lie more than twice on issues of illegal use of NSA data to support illegal torture; or was this information released to the court with the intent that the FISA court rely on false information?

___ Which Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports did Gonzalez know were not provided as required; but he lied under oath with the hopes of hiding the President's illegal orders to ignore the Geneva conventions, US Constitution, FISA, and Supreme Law?

___ When Gonzalez lied, did he have any idea what this would do to foreign fighters ability to recruit insurgents?

___ Did Gonzalez factor into his analysis his role as the Chief Law enforcement office how his betrayal of his attorney oath of office might jeopardize American lives?

___ When did it occur to the GOP leadership that the war crimes they are complicit with might result in lawful executions of key GOP leaders after conviction for those war crimes?

___ What did GOP Congressional legal counsel not review, as they should have, when they were notified of the war crimes and efforts to retaliate against prosecutors for attempting to prosecute breaches of Geneva?

___ How successful was Gonzalez and the President in thwarting any investigation of their war crimes; and which prosecutors were threatened because of specific allegations and evidence routed through the UN which the NSA had intercepted?

___ When did the President direct the NSA to monitor foreign powers' efforts to gather war crimes evidence against the Attorney General, President, and White House legal counsel?

___ What reservations were raised in the NSA when targets at the UN were selected and this ongoing war crimes investigation-related information was forwarded to the White House?

___ Which NSA contractors knew that the President's directions to NSA were not consistent with their contract requirements, but they chose to not remove themselves from the illegal NSA surveillance designed to thwart enforcement of the laws of war?

___ How successful was the NSA in gathering evidence of prosecutors' war crimes investigations so the President and Attorney General could orchestrate their discussions with Congress to sideline the required Geneva oversight?

___ Why didn't the White House counsel turn over all evidence related to Rove's meetings with Gonzalez, the President, and other White House staff related to the other illegal efforts to block investigations into war crimes and FISA violations?

___ When did the White House counsel's office know the firings of the US Attorneys and Flag Officers was to block ongoing investigations into illegal activity?

___ Who specifically knew, were part of the meetings Rove attended, and well understood the Attorney General was lying to obstruct Congressional inquiry into serious breaches of the Supreme Law: Violations of Geneva, FISA, and the oath of office?

___ Which emboldened RNC officials, knowing this illegal activity was being thwarted, openly made opposing, frivolous arguments about other public officials on the basis of illusory evidence, frivolous charges, or manufactured allegations?

___ Why didn't the White House counsel's office turn over the e-mails related to the efforts to coordinate, implement, and plan illegal efforts to retaliate against pubic officials to illegally corrupt the voting process?

___ Was there a reason that the White House counsel's office and GOP did not prosecute individuals who really were behind the break ins at the GOP campaign offices?

___ When did the GOP plan to explain wny they fired US Attorneys who refused to retaliate; but they cannot explain why there was not pressure on US Attorneys to find the real people who attacked the GOP campaign offices?

___ Is there a reason that the attacks on the GOP campaign offices only occurred just before the election in states that the GOP was narrowly ahead or behind;

___ What was the GOP explanation for not pushing for investigations into attacks on GOP campaign offices in other states that did not have tight races?

___ How does the GOP explain the inconsistency on the NSA data: The White House counsel's office does have access to classified US Attorney investigations; but they have "no information" on who coordinated the attacks on the GOP offices?

___ How does the GOP and NSA justify confidence that they were really concerned bout terrorism, but there's nothing in the GOP or US Attorneys can point to showing why they didn't take any action on NSA intercept data showing who was coordinating the attacks on the GOP offices?

___ Who in the GOP was deciding which NSA intercept data to forward to the President so he could thwart investigations and oversight; but which data related to GOP illegal activity should not be forwarded for investigation or prosecution?

___ Why does the White House have a problem with the Sept 2004 e-mails in and out of the Department of Justice, just prior to the November 2004 election?