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Saturday, March 17, 2007

White House Mentions Key Word: Recollections

Ref "Hazy memories" is an excuse and raises questions about fabricated recollections (obstruction of justice) and the Constellation connected to the Helix Evidence Model.

Look to the precedents of Nixon which trump any claim of Executive Privilege on illegal activity. The original problem was one thing; the issue was the cover-up and other illegal activity. Same thing is happening here.

This is a zipper without end, and there is nothing the President can do to stop the inquiry expanding: Each disclosure leads to more inconsistencies, questions, and allegations of illegal activity. The President cannot claim privilege on issues unrelated to national security, but with illegal activity. ORCON prohibits the classification of evidence related to illegal activity, obstruction of justice, or war crimes.

DOJ IG concludes the DoJ Staff counsel have violated the law. The President has refused to enforce the law. Now the President is in violation of the law.

He has no hope of escaping We the People and our expanded, detailed, and relentless inquiry into to his arrogant defiance of Our Will.

* * *

As with FISA violations, the White House re-inventing their excuses to accommodate the newest revelations. The problem is set in stone: Testimony to Congress contradicts the written record. The same people who said one thing in writing have said something else to Congress under oath. They are stuck.

The inconsistencies, as with the Downing Street Memos, create an opportunity for infinite discovery because the two lines of evidence will never coincide. Each revelation will reveal more inconsistencies. This is how the Constellation works when combined with the Helix Evidence Model: The witnesses, when they are discredited, will have to account for more information on the Helix. This is like a zipper.

Obstruction of Justice: Coordinating false, fabricated recollections

Memories do not have to be refreshed: The e-mails outline what they were clearly thinking. Recall what was said during the Foley investigation when Staff Counsel and the GOP Leadership met to discuss the issues, and the question surfaced: Whether they were improperly meeting to coordinate false recollections. Some left the meeting thought it was inappropriate for them to meet before the inquiry.

The claims that there were "recollections" implies they're attempting to spin their recollections. That is the same thing as tampering with Congress during an investigation; and the inconsistent statements Can e the basis to impeach a witness, just dust during their testimony, but as a target of a House impeachment proceeding.

Impeachment trumps Pardons. If the House leadership is upset that the President might pardon anyone, they need to put the impeachment option back on the table and call the President's bluff: "You are powerless to exercise your pardon power because we are impeaching. Go away with your threat to pardon anyone."

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These are other blog spots going into details on the shifting stories with the US Attorney firings. These relate to the inconsistent lines of evidence showing the original White House information is not consistent with the internal or external data captures of White House communication, evidence, and written records.

Data Captures Not Consistent With Asserted Time lines

Ref Real time lines and data captures not consistent with White House shifting stories.

Ref Despite White House denials that there are concerned, data captures show the White House counsel's office is actively monitoring the DOJ Staff status, conversations with outside counsel, and ongoing developments despite public assertions that someone has taken responsibility. The White House is worried because the President and Attorney General have not taken responsibility, as they should; and the issue remains unresolved. Lower level personnel, as with war crimes and Guantanamo, have taken the blame; but the real responsibility lies with leadership.

Inconsistent Stories A Smokescreen For Non-Disclosed, Relevant Data

Ref Intent of Rove's smokescreen-question was to hide the narrow, tailored decision linked with a discussion he had with Gonzalez, the President, and GOP leadership to retaliate against political opposition in DNC and GOP. The US Attorney firings is evidence the GOP leadership were actively targeting GOP loyalists.

Ref Myth of "firing all attorneys" gets legs; but there is no e-mail to trace; nor has the White House provided any evidence to suggest this assertion was real. It is a ruse to distract attention from the targeted firings in relation for the US Attorneys fully asserting their oath and complying with their attorney standards of conduct. This is no different than DoD's Stimson who targeted Guantanamo defense counsel for their fully asserting their Geneva obligations to ensure all prisoners of war are afforded all rights before a tribunal.

Ref The ruse stories related to firings.

* * *

1. Legal Trap: They've created a mess they cannot escape

The White House asserts a version of realty that is not supported by any data. And the White House is absurdly pretending it cannot defend itself. This is a failure of leadership.

The burden is on the White House to prove their time line is valid. The White House counsel's office has issued statements that do not match the written record. Is it the responsibility of the White House to show that the information -- already disclosed, and not protected by privilege -- should be explained away; while the other information -- which they have not provided as required -- should be believed despite it not being presented.

2. Presidential Leadership Failure

The President could easily -- as he refused to do with Plame investigation and the DOJ OPR in re NSA violations -- direct an investigation to resolve the issue.

The adverse inference: Because the President is not exercising leadership, he is presumed to have directed the very thing which he would have us believe just appeared out of no where. No, these were conscious decisions to meet, create false stories, defy the record, and pretend the issue was going to go away.

This is a problem this President directed, orchestrated, did not manage lawfully, and is fatally stuck.

3. One line of inquiry has been mapped for you

The index for this blog provides you a road map to how this Constellation is related to Helix; and the failure of the President and GOP Senators to fully assert their legal requirements under Title 28 and Title 50: To report illegal activity; and to follow-up when those required exception reports were not provided.

4. The President has the has the power to resolve this issue, but refuses

It will not end until the President either resigns or he is impeached. This inquiry is leading directly to the Helix, connected with the Constellation, and will ultimately show the President directed DOJ Staff counsel, the Attorney general, and others to engage in illegal activity, war crimes, and grave breaches of the Supreme Law.

5. There is no end to this lawful inquiry

The longer he stays in office, the worse this President is going to make his mess. This is a problem this President alone has enabled, permitted, directed, and not stopped. There is no end to this inquiry. More revelations will lead to more inconsistencies and a reasonable basis to expand the inquiry.

Time for the advocates of the Unitary Theory of Executive Power to step up to the plate: Is the President in charge, or is he not in charge?

They have no answer. He is not in charge. We the People are in charge. They shall, for eternity, be reminded of their error.

They wished this.