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Friday, March 16, 2007

Citizen Concerns With US Attorney Firings

I would encourage a public discussion of the US Attorney firings.

It's all well and good to talk about the firings, and what they mean about the abuse of power. Let's bring the discussion closer to home.

Ref Concerns out of Colorado: What really happened?

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Concern: US Attorney Firings and FBI DC White Collar Crime Squad

We've heard that the FBI was increasing manning to target Government Corruption. In light of the US Attorney firings, I question whether the FBI plans were fully supported.

MY concern: If the US Attorneys have been not prosecuting anything, what has the FBI white collar squad in DC really been doing; how many of the FBI cases are not linked with boanfide criminal activity, but are designed to support the US Attorney political goals?

I'd like there to be a check on the FBI cases, and get a sense for which cases are getting attention because of political goals of the US Attorney's and how many cases the public has attempted to support, but have been rebuffed.

The issue isn't just with the US Attorney and the investigations; there's the other side of the coin: What has the public experienced, seen, and what is their sense of what the US Attorneys, FBI, and JTTF are inappropriately doing, rebuffing, or doing by way of abuse.

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Concern: US Attorney Firings and FBI, JTTF Declinations

The US Attorney has the power to decline a case, not the FBI.

However, if the US Attorneys are under threat of firing, then it stands to reason that the US Attorneys have let the Special Agents in Charge in DoJ and DHS know what cases they will or will not take.

These politically-driven prosecution decisions affect how the SACs, ASACs, and FBI supervisory agents in charge allocate manning and how they process cases.

If the US Attorneys have been rebuffing cases or taking no action, then the FBI agents are put in a position of getting information they know is related to criminal activity, but that it's not going to generate a prosecution.

I would like the Judiciary Committee to be sensitive to what has happened: FBI agents, knowing that the US Attorneys are not going to prosecute, have been making up non-sense stories to rebuff information.

This is not impressive, especially when the public knows the rules of evidence, US attorney manual, and case law related to a particular crime, and has access to the FBI operations and procedures manual. Now we find out t one reason why the FBI and law enforcement refuses to take information, makes up stories, and berates the public: IN part it's because the FBI agents know the US Attorneys aren't going to do anything.

___ Do FBI agents enjoy going to Quantico to receive training, only to be told by the US Attorney and SAC that they aren't going to do it the way they were taught?

No wonder the DoJ has amoral problem: They're not able to do their job as they're trained; and because they are lying to justify inaction, the public learns not to trust DoJ. When the public withdraws support, FBI agents have a bad habit of using someone's resistance or lack of confidence in FBI as an excuse to target them.

The President and Attorney General, by refusing to take information and not prosecute, have sent a clear signal that they're making excuses not to enforce the aw; but then turn their attention to the knowing public who dares to call the lazy, arrogant FBI agents on their n0n-sense.

It is outrageous that the White House has politicized prosecutes. What’s more absurd is that despite legal training, review of case law, understanding the rules of evidence, and the basis for prosecution, the FBI agents will lie to avoid taking information, make excuses not to take a complaint, or otherwise make up stories to make the public go away.

If the public should dare go out of their way to call the FBI agents what they really are -- goons, morons, toadies, and inept -- the DOJ has a bad habit of targeting people who have an "attitude problem."

____ How many FBI agents are getting fecal matter thrown at them at Guantanamo by prisoners abused?

Bluntly, I could care less whether the US DOJ Staff is subjected to abusive treatment by foreign fighters or POWs. Arrogant people have no sympathy from here.

Here these people are: Parading to the world about how great the American justice system is, but to our faces they openly lie because the US Attorneys aren't going to bother prosecute a case.

DO you know how many people put their careers on the line because of a desire to report information, fight crime; and then to find out the White House is blocking this prosecution?

The FBI agents cannot be reasoned with when they are openly lying, making excuses not to take information, and aw wholly acting in an unprofessional manner. Forget your basic duty agent: I’m talking Asst FBI directors and SACs.

I have little sympathy when they continue to go to a job, can't do what they are trained to do, but their "solution" is to whine that nobody cares; but when people do go out of their way to do the right thing, help, and get involved: These idiots with JTTF throw things back at the public and make it "their problem."

And they wonder why people are reluctant to go to law enforcement. No sympathy for them. They make their jobs harder when they rebuff information especially after they've given misdirection in the hopes of dissuading someone from filing a formal complaint or a 302.

This isn't a public relations problem. It's a leadership problem directly linked to the Oval Office. If we want to work together to make a better country, we can do that; this President is give us a mess, then expecting us to clean it up.

No, time to throw this mess back at teh WHiet House counsel's office, force them to com up with a decision and solution, and then "maybe" We the People will get to do exactly what this arrogant FBI agentgs have dene: Throw their plan back at their face and rub their nose in it.